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GOD spoke to me, claims Kgafela



Bakgatla royal calls for divine deliverance

Bakgatla Paramount Chief Kgosikgolo Kgafela Kgafela II claims that God has spoken directly to him to clean up the tribe’s unholy mess.

This comes after Kgafela lost the bitter and protracted legal battle against his royal uncle Kgosi Nyalala Pilane.

In an impassioned appeal to ‘his people,’ the exiled Paramount Chief told a packed Lesetlheng kgotla meeting in Moruleng that God had spoken to him in a mountain top conversation.

He claimed that the Almighty had asked him to turn to chapter 24 in the second book of Chronicles for guidance.

The Old Testament tract, which has obvious links to the dirty dealings of his own dispute, deals with issues of corruption and treachery within the royal household, culminating in the bloody assassination of King Joash of Judah.

Kgafela said that after reading the chapter, he would now leave everything to God.

“I am an ordinary person, I am afraid to make new friends, I am lonely and broke. I have put my life and faith to God,” he claimed.

He said he had come to South Africa to unite his tribe in harmony and peace, as it is being divided by the devil himself.

He added that God told him in his prayer that he should step aside in dethroning Pilane.

“God spoke to me and said that there is a man called Amon Moagi that shall help us restore dignity in Kgatleng. He is the right man for the job. Today, I present him before you as the Lord has asked me to do.”

He explained that he turned to God after realizing his battles with Pilane were not man-made, but spiritual.

“Almighty God has advised me to step aside and let an administrator do the job of forcing Nyalala to step down.”

“He is a God-sent angel that will save us time. He is a Bishop in his church, that is why I have so much faith in him. He will prosecute Nyalala and audit him without fail. He has assured me that will be possible and I trust that,” he said.

His final word was that Bakgatla should pray for peace in their efforts to seek justice.


  1. He is born again ,he can help both countries {RSA & Botswana }.Please Mr PRESIDENTS {Zuma & Khama } ask for help from this man .Botswana & RSA economy are dying because of corrupt leadership hence poor education which results in high unemployment rate = violence and brutal killings of fellow humans{xenophobia}

  2. No Man is above God’s Will! Kgosikgolo come home and deliver the message of God! They is power in God,we praise u! U are s living testimony

  3. finally you have realised that you’re just an ordinary human being, and there is a living God? Thank you Lord for making him go through so that he ca know that there is heaven! the bibble says ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm’…… i remember you saing churches are making noise in Kgatleng and you were part of those who were beating pastors! to today you trust them? God is good and faithful Chief He has total forgiven you because you have paid the price by going through whatever you have been……. Go and sin no more and God will use you to to change the live of Bw an SA! You’re blessed!

  4. I am so blessed ngwana wa mong ame ga o bone Jehova modimo o ke sa bolong go go rapella gore o mmone. Don’t worry about you being broke he is Jehova Jireh – the provider, I love it when he says he is Jehova ELroi- the God who sees us in every trouble, remember how he saw Hagar when she almost gave the life of her son to die of thirst hear this God showed her a well of water just next to her and she managed to quench her sons thirst. The Holyspirit now says to me the same he showed you Moagi. Glory to God. your enemies God shall sort them I mean all those who betrayed you. what you are doing kgabo fame shall come out of you as the bible say fame came out of Jesus because he laid his life for us. look at Nelson Mandela, Martin Lutherking fame came out of them every good thing must come from within then out. Modimo a go robaletse ditlhokwa, rest in the Lord I am with you in my prayers. you shall not die but live to declare the works of God. – Psalm 118v17
    ke ko Mochudi

  5. I am a child of South Africa born Moruleng and i say, true worishipers will be seen with this one. True revelations from God will be seen . We should all remember that God knows the truth unknown to man.