Mahalapye-based Moemedi Moseki combines humanitarianism, entrepreneurship, education and awareness campaigns to help young people steer their own paths out of life’s vices to positive living.
According to 29-year old Moseki, the most common woes that he is tackling manifest from alcohol and substance abuse, crime, violent behaviour, unprotected sex and its offshoots, HIV/ STIs, and unwanted pregnancies.
His simple and pragmatic approach holds the key to what Batswana might do to build: “A Compassionate, Just & Caring Nation” in line with Vision 2016 goals.
Moseki says his studies in Political Science from the University of Botswana empowered him with the hybrid of human discernment to trail blaze a philanthropist mission among his peers, some of them ex-convicts.
He adds that although he may not be an award winner, if his mission succeeds, generations to come of young people shall celebrate his vision of carrying them into a new era.
“There are people like me who hardly get noticed for the profound influence on the lives of the youths”, he adds.
Moseki told Me & My Business that he decided to register Mabutswa Investments to be a vanguard redeemer as a result of the high crime statistics in Mahalapye, Botswana’s heartland.
For the past five years, out of over 18 000 criminal offences that occurred in Mahalapye, only 10 000 were brought to justice. Most of the offenders are males aged 16 to 35 years involved in burglaries, house breaking & theft, stealing from persons, street robberies, rape, defilement, murder, motor vehicle theft and money laundering.
Research also unearthed disturbing information that a substantial number of youths from Mahalapye now residing in the Mogoditshane residential area, are linked to the high criminal statistics akin to their homeland.
“I had to streamline my approach as most of the youth offenders come from poverty stricken backgrounds, school drop-outs or the unemployed. This is the same age group heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS, road traffic accidents and a broad spectrum of societal woes. As an organisation, we still believe something can be done to redress the situation before it is too late more so that the incumbents possess marketable skills like art, sport, music or drama. There is hope of pulling them off the streets the instant they realise their dreams”, he said.
At the time of going to print Mabutswa Investments was shooting a film: “The Chronicles of a Mahalapye Hustler” , portraying job frustrated criminals and ex-convicts who have managed to compose inspiring CDs.
The film featuring a host of other local actors, takes place in one of Mahalapye’s red light zones, Xhosa 2 ward, adjacent to the mall, given the fact that it has been a haven of criminals for more than four decades.
Apart from the film, Moseki drew up the programme for the Mahalapye 2007 Independence Day Celebrations, promoted the 2008/2009 Agricultural Shows and has enticed the businesses to support  community projects.


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