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Girl at the market

One of my favourite dresses from Alali's stall

At the end of every month, Lagos fashion lovers are treated to an array of vendors with exciting goods, from candy to accessories, shoes, body products and clothing.
This mini-market branded Le Petit Marche (LPM) is in its second year and has become a favourite for the fashion-crazy Lagosians who find it as one-exciting bargaining moment for pieces they would have normally bought at ridiculous rates.

Here one is bound to rub shoulders with the trendiest of Nollywood’s stars and artists, either shopping or relaxing with buddies for a quick meal or cocktail.
Young entrepreneurs and upcoming designers find it as a very convenient way of getting their feet into the competitive market of a country that holds at least 150million people.

even sandals are dressed up in the African fabric, which is an easy do-it-yourself plan, hmmmm

Never the one to miss on fashion bargains, on Sunday May 29, I headed out to the Arena for a feel of the LPM. Though my claustrophobic self felt the Arena was too small to house so many vendors, and the perfectionist bit believed the stalls could be done better, my eye was pleased with a few creatives. Alali being my favourite of the day with her chic and ready to wear collection, where I was able to get myself a versatile skirt at US$40, which is an amazing bargain for Lagos standards.

Talking with the designer who caught my eye with her silks and georgette fabrics, Alali..

Of course, I wasn’t going to leave the market without treating my Ankara fabric hunger with a bit of this amazing fabric. Affiong’s stall held accessories covered with this fabric (an old cultural creation, which is believed to have been influenced to appeal to the modern market by one of Nigeria’s international designers Ituen Basi) – interesting bangles, neck-pieces, earrings, brooches and hair-pins, that got my eyes balling with lust. Other than getting the paparazzi’s camera attention, I came across one of the most laid back Naija celebrities Naeto C, lounging with his fiancée and her girls. Hmmm, what a way to end my shopping spree before heading off to a beach party hosted by a new acquaintance and part time DJ Butta Fingaz, at the Eldorado Beach Bar. What a breeze!!


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