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Girl, 17, Murdered


Naledi Police are investigating the murder of a teenage girl whose body was found lying next to a blood stained stone near Clover Botswana in G/West Industrial.

17-year old Omphile Mosweunyane has been entered into police records as part of the rising murder statistics recorded this year.

Her young life was cut short on Independence day’s eve and her motionless body was found lying next to a blood stained stone by a security guard who was knocking off early the following morning.

The deceased was said to have been found wearing unzipped pair of shorts and the police who responded to the security guard’s report found one sandal and a hat on the ground while the other sandal was found tied to a nearby tree.

Superintendent King Tshebo of Naledi police station confirmed the incident and appealed to members of the public to assist with any information that may help narrow their investigations. “We’re still pursuing the matter, but our preliminary investigations suggest that she was murdered and the killers carried the body and dumped it at the scene where it was found,” he said.

Supt. Tshebo said the body was then taken to Extension II clinic where it was certified dead.