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Ghetto queen of promos

Ghetto queen of promos

MC Mis Dee’s hustle in a cut-throat entertainment industry

In a merciless industry dominated by men, one ambitious lady has jumped waist deep into a raging current and is swimming against the tide to make her mark in Francistown.

Dineo Keoreng (29) or MC Mis Dee to her legion of fans has become the go-to-girl for event organisers who want to reach as many people as possible.

Her outgoing personality and willingness to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty to get the job done is what sets her apart from her peers.

This has slowly earned her recognition from the corporate world and events organizers who usually engage her as a Master of Ceremony.

She however says its her humble beginnings from 2010 that has kept her focused on the prize, which is to become an MC of choice and a future employer.

“When I was still a student, I never missed the opportunity of being an MC all school events. I’ve always been an entertainment person, and a born leader,” Keoreng told The Voice.

She said her passion for promoting and directing events caught fire in 2010 and saw her coordinating events for Red Cross, Blood Donation and many others which paved the way for her.

“I have since worked with the likes of Colastraw Records, Kgalagadi Breweries, Mascom, CA Sales,” she said.

Keoreng credits DJ Cue of CueBeat Production as the individual who showed her the ropes when he encouraged her to be a promo girl for Mascom.

“He’s very good at corporate events and has taught me the tricks of the trade,” she said.

“I never looked back from then, as I felt at home promoting for such a big brand. My confidence grew and I always looked forward to doing even better,” she said.

Keoreng said being a promo girl at a young age and later an event coordinator saved her from depression due to unemployment.

“After completing my tertiary I was unemployed for over a year and that really stressed me out until I met Cue who introduced me to Mascom,” she said, her face lighting up.

“Today I do Event Coordination full-time and I’m also developing as a Master of Ceremony for brands that are not afraid to give emerging talents a chance,” she said matter of factly.

The single mother of one, born and raised in Francistown but with roots in Mahalapye told The Voice that her ultimate ambition is to rise to the very top and have her story as an inspiration to unemployed youth, especially girls.

“We have to get up and do something. I can pay rent and put food on the table through what I’m doing, but first I have to put in some work,” she said.

“There’s competition out there, you need to be on your toes at all times and be willing to sacrifice your time to focus on what is really important,” was Miss Dee’s parting shot as she left to get the last bus to Gaborone for another event.