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Ghetto crime hot-spot rehabilitated

Ghetto crime hot-spot rehabilitated
THE FINISHING TOUCHES: Cops and residents join forces

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Seyave Mashika stressed the importance of Cooperate Social Responsibility in the fight against crime and lawlessness.

Mashika, who is also the Deputy Director for Air Support Services in the North, was speaking at an event in Francistown last Friday, when ghetto cops handed over a rehabilitated Area W Recreational Park back to the location’s residents.

The park, which until a few months ago was dilapidated and overgrown with bushes, has been transformed thanks to the joint efforts of police and China Railways.

The cops and the spaghetti bridge contractors cleared the park overgrowth, as well as repairing its slide and swings.

Friday marked the culmination of their efforts, as the Area W community joined in to help paint and attach a new gate.

“We are part of the community and we mix our work with social responsibilities,” Mashika told his audience.

He went on to explain that they had chosen the Area W Park as it had become a haven for criminals, noting that last year the cops had to deal we several cases in which felons had taken advantage of the unkempt park to commit illegal acts.

“We had two inquests into murders committed in this park. We also had a rape and an assault occasioning actual bodily harm in this area. I guess many more crimes that occurred here were never reported. Now that the park has been rehabilitated we trust it is a safer place,” Mashika said, as he pleaded with Area W residents to look after the park and work towards improving on what the cops had done.

For his part Councillor Lesego Kwambala, who is resident of the area, expressed his gratitude to the men in blue for their efforts and, like Mashika, encouraged the community to look after the park and strive to further improve it.

“The police and China Railways have come to our rescue and it is our responsibility to look after this project so that it may do us good,” Kwambala said.