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Get you a man

Get you a man
Barbara and Tumo

Since the Mascom Top 8 Finals in Francistown, Shaya has been trying not to ask this with the hope that maybe the suspects would come out and confess but the wait is killing Shaya softly.

We know that they say, ‘What happens in Ghetto stays in Ghetto,’ but you have to understand that gossip is Shaya’s life so Shaya is itching for the Botswana Football Association’s Public Relations Officer, Tumo Mpatane and Barbara Gotlop of the “Get you a man” fame to tell us what is going on?

The cute couple was spotted enjoying each other’s company a little too much it seemed over the weekend and Shaya couldn’t help but notice how comfortable and happy they looked with each other.

C’mon guys be honest with us because speculation is already beginning to circulate.