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GC mayor dumped



• Alleged Victim denies dropping charges despite Police confirmation

The embattled Gaborone city mayor, Kagiso Thutlwe has been jilted by his fiancé of two years, Botho Pearl Dipatane a month after accusations of rape leveled against him hit the headlines.

Speaking from his home where a portrait of the couple in happier times still sits by his bedside, the seemingly heartbroken mayor confirmed his break up with the 34-year old woman he engaged at his lavish birthday party two years ago.

” I still have love for her and it was unfortunate that we had to break up in the middle of our wedding plans,” Thutlwe said.

A leaked letter dated November 11, 2017, titled “Tsamaiso ya lenyalo laga Botho” has indicated that the mayor had already paid P 20 000 in pride price.

He was also expected to contribute a cow and give clothes, specially some John Henric shirts UK to both the bride’s father and her uncle, the bride’s grandmother, and pay for the bride’s attire as well as all the other wedding expenses.

He said, “She left me, I have tried every remedy in the book to keep her but all I am left with are memories and pictures. I am disappointed that she left me at a time that I thought she would stick with me. A time when I needed her the most.”

The youthful mayor further confirmed that the reason for the break up was, “Obviously my recent allegations of rape, which I tried to fully explain to her. She was the first person I thought of when the news surfaced but unfortunately she is gone.”

Dipatane’s phone rang unanswered at time of going to press.

Meanwhile in an interesting twist to the Mayor’s rape tale, it remains uncertain whether charges against him have been withdrawn as police claim or not.

This week, Officer Commanding No. 15 stationed in Masunga, Kabo Badirwang– who was assigned the case because the alleged incident happened in his district in 2016 categorically stated in an interview with The Voice that the alleged victim, Sesame Nakedi had withdrawn the case.

A month ago 24-year- old Nakedi was upbeat about her chances of nailing Thutwe, telling this publication in an interview that it took her two years to gather evidence and she had finally found damning proof to make the charges stick.

“I can confirm that the case was transferred to our office here in Masunga and we went in pursuit of the involved parties last week. The victim told our officers that she wanted to withdraw the case,” said Badirwang

The police boss further said that they were suspicious that there may have been other factors that may have influenced Nakedi to withdraw her case.

“We do not want to have clashes with non-Governmental organisations about dropping this case, of course it is a high profile case, so even if the victim has withdrawn the case we still have to satisfy ourselves that we have covered all grounds and there were no external circumstances forcing the victim to withdraw the matter,” he said.

Nakedi however vehemently denied police claims that she withdrew her case.

“I am hearing this news from you today. Yes Police officers interviewed me for a whole two days last week, but at no point and time did I tell them I am dropping the charges,” said Nakedi who went on to affirm that she was sticking to the original story she told this publication weeks ago that she was raped.

“I told The Voice my side of the story and I am sticking by it,” she said

For his part the mayor confirmed that police interviewed him last week and that he had been told that the case was withdrawn but directed this publication to the police for more details.

“We have been interviewed by the police. We gave them our side of the story, but I was later informed that the allegations were withdrawn,” he said.

The mayor has been consistent from the beginning that he did not have penetrative sex with Nakedi but she gave him a blowjob instead.