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Galo Mall donates P10 000 to SOS

THANK YOU: Galo management with the recipients

Francistown’s Galo shopping Centre recently donated cash amounting to P10 000 to the SOS children’s home.

When receiving the cheque Francistown’s Mayor, Sylvia Muzila, said commended the Galo mall management and urged other organizations to emulate them for the benefit of the less privileged.

Muzila also encouraged residents to intensify the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic emphasizing that nowadays people take the epidemic for granted.

“Aids is a deadly disease and people should take caution, more especially in taking care of the young children. We want a zero infected generation in years to come,” said the concerned Mayor.

The Mayor further reminded the the attentive crowd of the negative impact that HIV has had on the country’s economy. “A lot of money is spent buying medication; this is the money that could be used
elsewhere to help boost the country’s economy instead of killing it. Parents should also play a major role in ensuring that children are not infected,” she said.

The commemoration of the World Aids Day is expected to continue on the 8th of December at Gerald Estates.