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Funnyman Thabang “Mjamaica’ Lowani

Funnyman Thabang

Born in Thamaga village, Thabang Lowani, a 23-year- old comedian has become popular for his short funny videos on social media.

Lowani, popularly known as Mjamaica became an instant Internet sensation when one of his videos reached over 5million views and still counting.

This week celeb Edition got in touch with the funny young man who also happens to be a talented musician to find out what makes him tick

1.Arguably, you became Internet sensation overnight and landed major gigs around the country; can you take us through your journey?

To be quite honest everything points to God, do not get me wrong I have always been into comedy. I have always been into acting.

Even during my school days that is what I was known for.

But when I completed my secondary school, I was an out of control problem child, and one day I got into trouble with the police.

That’s how I got where I am now. It was all God’s work.

2.What happened after you got into trouble with the police, it doesn’t make sense.

Basically after the whole ordeal with the police, I went to church that Sunday.

And that is when my life changed. I never went back to being that boy again since then.

At Church the pastor advised me to invest more time in my talent.

And this is when my first video came out some time back in December last year.

It received a lot of hits; social media was my strategy to get on top of the world.

Funnyman Thabang "Mjamaica' Lowani

3.Speaking of hits, your video, popularly referred to as the Magnum Video received millions of views, even a Chinese major broadcaster translated the video into Mandarin. How did that happen?

(Laughs) I mean it’s all God. Look when I come up with these short scripts and videos I basically look around at what is happening around me.

I honestly had no idea that the video will blow up like that, and as we speak it is seating on over 5 Million views and counting.

4.Has magnum contacted you?

No, but the video has opened more doors for me than I would have imagined and for that I am grateful.

You see comedy is very tricky, and I have never seen anything blow up in Botswana as much this did.

5. We are seeing your face around Billboards, particularly on Orange adverts, what is the relationship there?

Orange has approached me to be their ambassador. I have done work with them but it is not a long-term contract.

It was specifically for the ‘tsenya coin’ campaign. They were impressed with my work and that’s how the partnership came about.

I am working with other companies as well; this is basically to grow the brand, because apart from comedy I am into acting as well.

6. So when you are not making funny videos, what is Mjamaica doing?

I spend much time in church. That is basically my life. But I am also into music.

I am about to release my debut single called “stimela”.

I am still finalizing the song, so yeah when I am not making you laugh I am in the studio.

7. And your relationship with your somewhat competitor, Juju Vine?

I mean you basically do the same thing why does it seem like he has you under his wing?”

I know it seems awkward but we have a cordial working relationship.

I mean when I first started he was the big man, he was the ‘IT’ man, and I tried to reach out to him on his private messages.

But he did not respond, he only responded to me after I had become popular.

But we do work with each other well we have a few projects together.

8. Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I go to church every Sunday.

2. I love dumplings and goat meat.

3. I am very shy

4. I love Magnum ice cream

5. I used to be addicted to alcohol