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Fuel prices go up

Fuel prices go up
Fuel prices go up

The Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA) has announced a rise in retail pump prices for petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin with effect from 00:01hrs, Wednesday 01st November.

According to BERA’s Chief Executive Officer, Rose Seretse, the increase is as a result of the rise in international crude oil prices and refined products prices.

“The increasing average crude oil prices have largely been influenced by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to restrict the supply of oil into international markets thereby triggering demand to be higher than supplies.”

Seretse said that the Authority will continue to closely monitor the development of petroleum products prices in both regional and international markets to ensure optimal price control to both the general public and the fuel supply industry.

She encouraged the public to continue practicing fuel conservation measures, to save fuel and reduce the effects of high fuel costs and environmental impacts.

Retail pump prices for all petrol grades (unleaded petrol 93 and 95 ) will be increased by 20 thebe per litre, retail pump prices for all diesel grades (diesel 500ppm and 50ppm ) be increased by 20 thebe per litre and retail pump price for illuminating paraffin be increased by 20 thebe per litre.

Readers comments on The Voice Facebook page: Kopano Tawana: Ooh festive present, I am waiting for President’s message I hear there is mass recruitment on the way.

Tebogo Kebe: Bad news! Very soon we will be all pedestrians; we are going back to old age of sending letters through horses.

Itumeleng Sedumedi: Botswana is still far away from independency and it is time its start its own oil exploration.

David Dave Selawe: The only thing that our government knows is to raise prices while workers get nothing.

Why come with a P5, 75 per hour pay.

Kenneth Kenosi: Compared to South Africa, fuel here is cheap despite d the increase.

Simon Bk Letamora: Why are you talking of paraffin only when prices have gone up on a number of things

Danies Kayte There we go.