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From disks to needles
ARTISTIC: DJ7teen and his shirts

After more than a decade away from the club scene, one of Francistown’s legendary disc spinners, DJ 7teen has traded the turntables for the sewing machine.

“I got bored with being a DJ and decided to do something else. I have a passion for graphics and designing so when I quit the nightlife I decided to pursue that,” explains the Mahalapye born 39-year-old, whose real name is Moses Sekga.

Speaking as he showed off his line of tee shirts, whose purpose he says is to celebrate Africa and God, 7teen told his fans not to worry as he is not lost to the entertainment world forever and plans to make a comeback soon.

“How soon I can’t say but I am working hard preparing stuff for when I get back to the decks,” the man with a passion for the arts told Voice Money.

Quizzed on what had inspired his tee shirt idea, 7teen, who runs his business from home, responded immediately, “There is need for us to appreciate what God has given us. That includes all the animals, trees and our beloved continent.”

His tee shirts, which sell for roughly P150, include colourful inscriptions on a plain black shirt, ‘God Made Weed Man Made Beer’ being the most controversial (and popular) so far.

“There is no mystery behind the words because they are true. The Lord God made weed and man came up with beer. That is the truth and should be respected,” 7teen replied unashamedly when asked to explain his contentious expression.

He went on to say he advocates for the use of weed as it has many medicinal uses.

“It can cure conditions such as asthma and help with appetite. In fact it has a lot of health benefits. I feel that anybody who feels like using it should be allowed to. To me it is not as harmful as man made alcoholic drinks, which can be blamed for most of the social ills in our society,” he quipped.

A born again Christian and advent follower of Jesus Christ, 7teen believes the Messiah has no qualms with the use of weed.

“Why should he worry? After all it was made by his father,” concluded 7teen, a naughty glint evident in his eye.