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Franco/Maswe connection hits Sebina



The much talked about Franco-MC Maswe connection will reach Sebina-Nshakazhogwe this Saturday night.

MC Maswe told Grooving in the Ghetto that all roads will be leading to Black Velvet Nightclub where Frank Lesokwane will hold a joint performance alongside Thapelo Maleka.

For almost two years now, Franco and MC Maswe have formulated a connection that many followers of the two musicians have fallen in love with.

MC Maswe said the decision came after the realization the entertainment lovers are starved of the music that can tickle them.

He said the MC Maswe/Franco connection has been growing by each passing and revellers should expect a surprise package that the two musician have prepared.

MC Maswe said tomorrow’s show will start at 8pm sharp and end around 2am.