Foul mouthed royalty charged
ACCUSED: Keoagile Mokgosi

A foul mouthed member of the royal family in Modipane village in the Kgatleng District is in trouble with the law for insulting his elderly uncle.

Keoagile Mokgosi, 51, was this week, arraigned before Kgosi Segale Linchwe for the vulgar words he used on the 60-year-old Lebeko Mokalake last year June.

Witnesses told Linchwe that on June, 29th, 2017, Mokgosi told Mokalake that, “if you follow me, I will make you s***t, you d**k.”

The witnesses who included Modipane chief, Kgosi Fanuel Mokalake and three other royal elders told Linchwe that, Mokgosi hurled the insults at the older man after Mokalake refused to talk to him.

“That morning, Mokgosi walked into the tribal properties. He found us standing outside the building but proceeded to the offices without greeting us. On his way back, he then called Mokalake. He did not greet us even at this point. Mokalake ignored him and that is when he called Mokalake, ” a loser who has failed his marriage,” one of the witnesses, Shadrack Tlhaolang, said in court.

Tlhaolang further stated that, in response, Mokalake told Mokgosi that he had equally, “failed to keep a woman he had at Dikwididi.”

It was during the alleged exchange that Mokgosi walked away and “hurled insults.”

Mokgosi who pleaded not guilty to the offence was however found guilty and is facing “a fine not exceeding P50 or three months imprisonment,” for the offence.

“This court will not tolerate your behaviour, it will not allow you to get used to it. Its such a shame that you’re behaving this way at your age. What example are you setting for youngsters? We find you guilty as charged,” the court ruled.

Linchwe stated before ordering the Police to fingerprint the accused before sentencing, which is to be passed in August.

Outside court, the complainant, Mokalake revealed that the case is just the tip of an iceberg as the underlying matter was a conflict over Modipane chieftaincy.

Mokalake accused Mokgosi of harboring ambitions of overthrowing Fanuel Mokalake from the royal throne.

“It is not a secret, he had said it openly that he is a rightful heir to the throne. All the petty fights he has been picking with other royal relatives is solely because he wants to be a chief and yet he falls right at the bottom of the line in as far as the village chieftaincy is concerned. He feels the current chief is too young to be given so much responsibility,” Mokalake pointed out.

Mokgosi refuted the allegations of him wanting to take over the chieftaincy but rather admitted that, the older brother to the current chief should be the one siting on the throne.

“If I was complaining about chieftaincy, I would have gone to Mochudi, where real royalty is. These ones are not royalty but arbitrators,” Mokgosi pointed out.

He accused the “arbitrators,” of ganging up against him because he had requested them to remove the fence they have erected in front of his yard.

“When the tribal court was being constructed, a fire place was built just outside my gate and my parent’s gate. Once the court was completed, I requested for the fireplace to be removed to no avail and now that I have lodged a formal complaint on that, they have connived to build a case against me,” Mokgosi said.

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