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GET LOST: Shocked Toyota workers leave work with their letters of suspension

Striking Toyota workers suspended as Dada gets tough
A war of words has erupted between Satar Dada and disgruntled Toyota Motor Centre mechanics who downed tools in protest over low wages.
The motor vehicle magnate and Botswana Democratic Party Treasurer was locked in a heated argument with employees on Wednesday morning.
The workers claim that their unsympathetic boss used insulting language as their protest ended in at least 32 employees being suspended.
Disgruntled Toyota mechanics gathered under a tree outside their workshop last Wednesday clutching their letters of suspension after a heated meeting with Dada.
The 32 suspended employees claimed to The Voice that they were involved in a shouting match with their boss. The Motor Centre Executive Chairman is said to have lost his cool and used insulting language when the employees demanded an increment.
They workers said the protest reflected a loss of patience after years of trying in vain to get Dada to listen to their grievances.
“We have written countless letters to him over the past three years asking him to meet us, but he has ignored our pleas. Today we decided to go on strike as a last resort,” said Bashi Moremedi.
Moremedi said he had been working for Motor Centre as a technician for the past 25 years, but only earned a monthly salary of P3 845.
“I cannot even pay for decent accommodation let alone take care of my family,” he lamented.
The angry employees said whilst Dada donated generously to the ruling BDP and other organisations, he ignored the plight of his own workers, who they claimed received lower wages than Toyota mechanics in other branches.
They cited the example of a storekeeper who doubles up as an assistant technician who has been on a salary of P940 for the past four years.
“Now just tell what one is supposed to do with that. People see us in this flashy building and have the wrong idea that we are earning good salaries, whilst we are struggling to make ends meet. We believe it is time we got the matter out into the open,” they said.
“With all these problem how would you feel if you have your boss telling you that you will be fired if you are not willing to work? He told us that there are a lot of unemployed mechanics who will be willing to fill our vacant posts if we are fired,” said worker Joseph Ndaba.
Ndaba has been working at Motor Centre for nine years and is earning P2000.
Another employee, Nicholas Ntoko was close to tears when he related his ordeal. “I have been working for six years and I’m still earning P1200 with my trade B certificate,” he said.
When reached for comment Dada rubbished the claims of his employees.


“They are liars! What they held was an illegal strike. Those employees are ill mannered, stubborn and rude,” he said.
Dada maintained that he had never used obscene language and accused his employees of peddling lies to make him look bad.
“We have never refused to listen to them. The truth is there is a process that has to be followed as most of these employees have joined a union. We therefore have to include the union in everything we do.
“We tried to explain this to them, but they do not want to listen. It is the law and we cannot bypass it. The problem is they want to talk to us directly, but it is impossible. It is the law,” Dada repeated.


  1. rra a ko o duele babereki o lese go ja madi o le nosi kante bo selfish ke jwang mo batlhoking ba modimo mme tiro ba e go direla rra neela batho madi aa lekanang le tiro e e bae dirang

  2. And the cat is outta da bag mr Dada..U go around throwin cash mo charity o lebala ur own employees. Do i hv to remaind you mr gore these r the same people baba go tsisetsang yone chelete eo..

  3. le setlhogo sa teng ke matlhapa babereki ga ba ake bare o a ba tlhapatsa…monnamogolo yoo ako a nele babereki ba gagwe madi tota bongame ke jwa eng?

  4. mr duala batho madi aa ba tshwanetseng pliz,fago pala tlogela o tswale komponi fa e le sengwe.u can’t b doniting lot of bux to charity abo o lebala batho baba tsenyang zaka,cum-on guyz

  5. Its high time we start to boycott companies that do not treat workers with respect. Please list this man’s companies so that I can start boycotting his businesses. Enough, ke tsaya kgato jaanong.

  6. ke gore bo Dada gaba tlhomoge pelo ne bathong ke gore ene onna sentle oja sentle bana ba bangwe bone ba amogela di nuts hela just imagine u have worked for 25yrs and still earning 3grand rra duela bana ba modimo o tlhomoge pelo plis they have families to take care of .

  7. shame on you Dada, re tla bona gore o tla donate eng fa re sa dirise service ya gago coz ga ona tlotlo mo babereking ba gago how can u say “They are liars! What they held was an illegal strike. Those employees are ill mannered, stubborn and rude,” ?? o iphokoletsa malatsi a botshelo coz batho ba ba ntse ba go direla for years ba itshokile go ntse go lekane, reetsa dilelo tsa bone o lese go ba tshosetsa ka suspension letters. khumo matlhare ya foforega buti..

  8. ga gona yo o ka moreng sepe, yo a reng 1 are ae jeke.ke monna wa maemo mo party ya puso ya Botswana.

  9. Mr tnink about your workers they pay rent and all the food markets do not sell food to them at poor peoples prices they buy at the same shops & same prices u buy at.Don’t be that much selfish these workers are the ones who makes u what u are.Madi gaa boloki mr ata sala one day ooshame bana ba bommaetsho bathong ba sotlelwang ke mohumi wa dinaledi ijooooowe amahutsana bathong

  10. koore bo dada ke eng pelo tsa lona di sa sweufale jaana?fa o ne o tshella domkrga chlete le dikoloi one o lebetse gore ga e ikepe e erekelwa ke batho?duela mr d slavery days r dead

  11. Nnyaa baga etsho esen fotseke,kegore motho remo jese abe are tola godimo,ke lenyaaaaatso selo seo aaa!A deportiwe motho yoo gana botho!

  12. he bailed nchido company when they owed the bank 15 milliom pula but he fails to pay people who help him to make those millions….pleaz bosss to me u r a corrupt mafia……..working for 25 years and stil getin 2000 shame on u. o tshwana hela le BDP thats you pay batho ba ipelegeng P360

  13. Lekulanyana le le tletse masepa guys, fa o bona a beile matlho a masetlha jaana ke bogodu jo bo mo go ene. dont forget the kidnapping story, it was a set up.

  14. mdala o kgona go rekela ngwanyana yole flat ko aussie o bo o morekela le AMG, o lebalala gore o hoo ka bo nkgonne, wa ineelela i tell you. pay them aoo! kwee-keng, ijakga!

  15. Nyaa ruri fotseke!!!Bothata jwa ga Dada ke gore o rata eye service,ke bo mponang lotlhe wa dibatana.Mme jaaka bontsi bo bua,gore a hume jalo,ke ka batho bao.Ka jalo ke gore a ba duele go kgona gore a tswelele mo company ya gagwe.Ga ke kgone go tlhaloganya gore ke eng a bona go siame gore a ye kwa godimo,bana ba bangwe ba a nwa metsi mme ene a shaba seshabo ka se sengwe(i mean fish,chicken,pork etc).If he is so compatinate a thusa kae le kae,why not start in your company.O motho ka batho bae,period!!So appreciate the hard work they do on daily basis for you to be who you are now.In other words o Dada ka bone,ina la gago le itsege ka bone.As vat,salaries raise up,you should do the same,i believe o amogela a lot so dont forget it is those peoples sweat fa wena o ntse fa fatshe o bala madi.We thought go nna motswana ga gago ke go tlhabolola matshelo a Batswana,not to bring more poverty,those people know better that you its only that they are not financially able,so dont call them names a ke utlwang o a bua.Ga ba iphetlhe le wena o a dumela,ke gore wa re ke molao,neela batho madi,molao wa rialo(Everyone who works should be paid)Simple!!!!!!!

  16. oa rra! ako o bue sese utwalang, 3 years still working on their complaints! golo mogo tsayang beke fela. duela babereki rra…..

  17. mo lehatseng le lka puso ya batho ka batho, ebile mahoko ale mathong gape ale mante othe, go swabisa nko go heta molomo go utwa ha lekota la babereki le mdala ba tsere jara tse tharo go seksseka dituelo. aggh le lona le a tapeya banna keng lene lesa ise union e ya lona mo makgoteng a ditseko go palelwa ke mohiri, for incorpitancy. mole go dirileng go bidiwa go gana tiro. nex time you will know which party to vote for eseng kutwisiso ya bokoneteledi(bdp-bcp)


    1. I am (Motswana) currently living in India, your roots, and I must state for the record in India it is very common and normal for business owners to own even the employees- and even insult them and get away with it. Sorry boss- Botswana is different, people should be heard and respected not insulted especially by greedy people.

    2. I think, Mr. Dada you need to appreciate that where you are, what you are right now is because of the people of Botswana, your employees.

    3. Mr. Dada you just have to pay them, lose the attitude that there are 1Billion Batswana who would fill the posts by Monday – which business school did you go to?

    4. Apply the 5 D of your current government of BDP, it is for your benefit, trust me.

    5. I am just sick and tired of foreigners coming into my country, exploiting people and our harmonious Botswana and yet still get away with it- nxa! you need to open your eyes and know that you are not an island, yah!

    6. To our government – le sang go re bolaisa foreigners- we are now under seige.

    Mmua-lebe. In a Democratic country.

    NB – Things fall apart, dilo di masoke- come to India and get a shock! next time people should not step on you and feel they are high class and bla blah- Eeish, nxa!

  19. Mr Dada stop making excuses and pay these people well! Well payed employees are motivated, drive the business to even bigger heights and have a sense of ownership of the business! They look after it! You should know that! This negative reputation you are developing will bite back on you mister! One day you will wish you had approached this better!

  20. how can 32people be called liars ,ill minded by a man who cam here to seek green pastures nd now he calls batswana names just becoz he is a BDP member nyaa sometimes lona makhula you are too much just like another one called steve rraman who owners nite clubs in g west ,you come here hungry after getting rich you look us down why cant batswana stand up nd do wat south africans did to immigrants nd make them respect you

  21. Se bitseng Dada mokula thats being racists motho yoo is a citizen of Botswana, lona batswana you are missing the point… Wena Mr Dada please think of others and be realist, speed up your actions with the trade union and pay your employees sensibly!!!


  23. Lekula will always be a lekula,no matter gore le tsholetswe kae.9 years o amogela P1200?Dammit!,Mathata this is Bots,the powerful can do whatever and get away with it.

  24. Mokulanyana yoo ke batla mo president a modipote e bile rumours r flying around gore ke leloko la BMD o ja madi a rona fa a riana wabe a simolotse a batla gosiela India ka madi a rona, o bona a e a batla gore di fonkong di emisiwa a tle a tlatse dipata ka bofefo a tsamaya. Motho o ka bereka ngwaga tse dikanakana a tsaya matsana ene a tlhola a nnetse goreka banyana ka madi a barekela dikoloi le matlo, mosadi wa lekula a shename ko lapeng.

  25. Ths hw the 1st world countries developed, they exploited the third world countries, i wonder why dada is claiming 2 b better than his employees cos his employees reflect wht kind of man he is, this all crap. Thats why i hate this stinking TRIBE. FOTSEKE LE WENA MARE

  26. Let me make something clear for this Indian guy, this is Botswana my man, the most peaceful country in Africa so u don’t come here with ur white tendency, if you r here to make us suffer u can get out, just get out. You have all the money in the world so just leave us alone and get out of our country, i think u are now getting comfortable so leave us and go make ur fellow Indians slaves not us my man, if u can’t pay then foetsek! Ba kae ba ba thepang, nna le ka bona marago a tshwene, nna i say it lyk it is.

  27. Its really painful how such pple become rich and forget abt those work for them.Its a disgrace,he is in the public eye and claims to stand for a lotta things. Pay ur workers and do right by them…al that money is nothing if u dont follow the rite principles…

  28. Kante gone mme wats with this thing ya makula ba rata go tsaya citizenship ya Botswana? Ke gone gotla go dira mathapolosa aba a dirang a motho asa go respect mme ele wena omo humisang mo hatsheng ja gago, dio tse di meriri tse ke batla go di biletsa dr shomba adi nyeletse le gone adi nyelelletse ko ga tsone die go tswa manga.

  29. i must say that i never really wanted to ever come to say this, but im forced to. of all the years ive travelled the world people of Indian origin do not care about any1 not even their fellow countymen except make money and not even make sure they themselves live in decent humane conditons. im not shocked at these news people like Dada only knw how to enrich themselves forgetting they are part of the bigger world. Tell me how can a country develop when the multimillionares only cares about being knwn for their riches. pls sir remember you are living in Botswana this is not some poor war ravaged country somewhere in Africa.

  30. Boss without Batswana u wont be what u r 2day.Iam sure abt the evidence both Ntoko,s[workers] hv workd in ur company cnce more than 25 years back.Can u pay them mr jst tink abt this if it ws u.

  31. i remember whn i was still his employee ko bmw we attempted to boycott and others remained in the offices monnamogolo a re thapatsa are bolelela gore ha re kgotshe re ye malapeng many out there ba bata ditiro a re fa 5 min gore re boele di officing tsa rona e seng jalo re kwalelelwe dismissal letters,ra gara megata ya rona ra boela ditirong re tshaba go tshologelwa ke soup ka ga se morogo, jaanong le rona bana ba batswana o fitlhela go ipolaya rona ka go thoka go nna moonomongwefela, ba dumalana le rona go tswa hoo fa gotwe tools down ba sala ba bereka lona le bo le senyegelwa ke tiro, hela this old man is just too greedy imagine di bm tse di neng di reketswe di ministers gore e ne e le bokae, mme the lowest paid employee a tsaya 650 mo leubeng le!!!!!!!!!!

  32. People don’t cease to amaise. If it was a Black person from other countries treating Batswana that way he/she could have been called names or called Kwerekwere but now its an Indian he is welcome to do as he wishes. Even in South Africa Indians are worshiped but they don’t give a danm about blacks.Blacks will remain Blacks till i don’t know

  33. Why am i not suprised….There is no smoke without fire. Pull up your socks DADA do not take people for granted . They are the ones that made you rich. People are vry important. If this continues i will advise my company to suspend buying cars from your Motor Centre until you pay people wll, not P900 what is P900?

  34. Be serious!! We live to serve humans so they can make us wealthy if not we will be poor!!! Give back to your employees/humans

  35. WTF?Guys,we are tokin about qualified people with trades and earning these peanuts?No ways Rre Dada,lighten up on the donations and increase on ur workers,these people are the ones generating this income for you!Ao banna!

  36. ga le mo itsi yoo dada ke bo nkhumiseng.just imagine ko naledi motors le gone ke selelo fela.i used to work ther and it was just rubbish.bo SIR MANAGING DIRECTOR WA NALEDI MOTORS BA NONNE MARE HEY THE GOVERNMENT OF BOTS SHOULD DO SMTHN ABOUT THIS

  37. DADA! DADA! O rekesa dikoloi tsa gago boturu mme o palelelwa ke go duele babereki nare wena o mokae! Re tlaa kopa president a lelebele seemo se, kana a tswale madirelo a gago mo Botswana lefatshe la kagiso.Duela batho le bone ba ithutetse tiro

  38. You c that is why they still from him. it comes bek to y they r fired everyday,ene ke nnete,he even goes to extend of paying people,s debts he is 1 jeck who refused to declare assets ko BDP,aba are batho ba RUDE,how does he knw coz he sad he does,not met them derectly.

  39. Ao batho ba Modimo, mo ke selelo le khuranyo ya meno. E bile ke go senya seemo sa party.. ke eng a tsaya batswana ka letsogo la molema. kana mo gabz ntlo e sena motlakase ke 400 one room.. oreka dijo tsa bokae, o apesa bana ka bokae, uniform yone? madi a dicombi one? mme le gale President wa rona ke motho yo o itseng go akanyetsa batho.. o tlaa tsenya leitlho go tlaa siama.. e kgang e lekane ene President fela. ha a ka etsenya leitlho o tlaa bona re tlaa ja monyenyo jaaka ekete re bereka teng ko ga DADA.. ka gore barwa rraarona ba a sokola. Ao bathung Rre DADA se resenye kana batho bone ha ba bona jaana, bare ke puso e e busang!!!!!!!!!!! ka ebile o moeteledi pele mo go yone. Plz think b4 u act!!!!!!!!! se senye maikano a rona mo sechabeng.. re batho ba kagiso, tirisanyo mmogo le tse dingwe tse di botlhokwa mo sechabeng…

  40. oh god what did batswana do to deserve this, this is really sad. Rre Dada i thnk its u become considerate.these pple ar helping you do the same.

  41. cost of living is too high. besides having money for food and transport to your company for duty, they should also afford a comfortable and decent life. Dada has a lot of money and should pay workers what they deserve.

  42. Eeish, mare people can be greedy tlhe! Typical of Indians – there is big company called Tata in India- found in all sectors and industries of the economy, from salt to shoes, to chicken, to cars to sugar etc

    Bo DADA are so greedy they are in almost every sector in Botswana, go dikoko, go merogo, go dikoloi, go ditsha – very selfish and arrogant. You even have the cheek to say people are rude in their own country!! oh, my foot.


    This is a wake up call for us Batswana, we are too dependent on being employed by other people. It is still ok, but we must wake up and start our own small scale companies with skills that we have acquired. Mechanics- come together and form a workshop 100% citizens and be supported by your people. Use the government programs in place like CEDA,NDB and others – be your own boss. I tell you it is possible

  44. Ka ke mo-Domokraga!!!

    Our politicians must act on this. Le didimaletseng? Is it because ke mo-Domkraga? Ke ipotsa gore if it was one of opposition politicians what action would have been taken- I am sure even bo DCEC would be involved. Simply because o tshwere domkraga ka molala through donations does not mean he shd walk over the people of this country. He needs to be reminded where he is or else PI him.
    Sis mankgotho!

  45. Rra tshwara Batswana sentle. A trade man should be earning atleast P2500 fa a simolola tiro. That man who worked for 25 years. He should be earning atleast P5500 because you hyave seen that he is well experienced. Lets do the right thing to reduce poverty in our country. Se sotle Batswana,bo rraarona, masika.

  46. ke mokgwa wa makula,ga ke makale…rra wee o ko o akanyetse ba bangwe coz ba go direla madi fela a bosisi the next thing o ba fa mogoshane,ga ke ise ke tlhaloganye gore bahumi ke eng ba le ngame jaana.kana mme motho wa bone ga a swa,ga a ye go bolokwa ka dikoloi le madi ao,o tsamaya fela jaaka a tsile,emisang matlakala bo rra-madimadi

  47. o itse go botlhoko o direla motho madi mme a sa go amogedise, at this time go setse go amogelwa P1200? Ao Dada o kare o rekisa dkoloi gape o khenekisa dikoloi , madi a kanakana le fa o ka amogedisa bana ba batho go tswa mo P4 000, WONT make any difernce mo madi a ba ba go a direlang ka letsatsi, ruri go buiwa nnete gotwe pelo gotswa tsa baje.MMe itse fela gore Ga o kitla o kitla tsamaya le tsona , these are just earthly things RRA.


  49. Hey My People; Your first comment waas and to the point, but to spice it with something out of topic here u loosing it, the best fight is not won through ruthless attacks on your adversary but keeping your colld and your enemy will take you for granted. In Botswana we have so many skilled people but they worship working for someone else other than being self-employed. This si attibuted to lack of self confidence. 25yrs working for someone is not acceptable when u can run the same workshop as the founder or even co-owner; Lets stand up and use our hard earned skills to potential

  50. Shame Dada o kare gao mo BDP. Ba bereki ba tla pele! Our President do you know this? Ntuane may be you can help Botswana coz gase Motor Centre fela. oh GOD………… GO TLA SAIMA One Day!

  51. kante ha le nnetse go mmoka jaana le ntse lere rre dada rre Dada le sa re leherehere Dada gorileng ne? Golo mo ke boherehere, bogodu le bo pelotshetha! nna re sale ra bona lekula kana lekula kana eng le hiwa maemoemo mo hatsheng gothe le boagedi kare o tsile go se dira.ha a duele matho ka ditedu tse ditshweu okare tsa phokwana.

  52. Dodo le nne le buisa batho ba batona sentle.ba bala di comment tse.batla batisisa. babo bale sekisa.bua matshwenyego a gago fela o tlogele go shauta motho.

  53. A ntse jalo Makula le batswana ba ba humileng
    mo gaborone ba ba joine,ga wa ko dioficing tsa
    labouir otswa ka nyoba esa fotlhwa,ka ba bafa
    tshwotshwo,viva BMD viva BMD

  54. Dilo tse dingwe tlhe ruri di a ama!Ruri tota Batswana ke makgoba a baagedi,Ba ulaula mo matsogong a rona re bo re sala re senang re senang!BOTSHELO, LEOTWANA LA KOLOI BO A DIKOLOGA!Motho o ka ba atla a eletsa go huduga hatsheng le la batshidi waitse!Hae!!!!!