NIFILA: Accused of stealing wife
NIFILA: Accused of stealing wife

A war of words over cattle and wife erupts in Gulubane

What was supposed to be a minor complaint over a small debt settlement has blown into a fully fledged verbal war between two neighbours from Gulubane over one’s wife. Michael Brown of Gulubane came out guns blazing last Monday at Tati Customary Court accusing the complainant Obert Nfila of wrecking his marriage.

Nfila has filed an appeal with the Tatitown Customary court to come to his rescue after Brown failed to comply with the court order to settle a debt of P6000. According to Nfila, Brown’s cattle had destroyed his maize farm on numerous occasions between the years 2014 and 2016.

The 54 year old said that in 2014 he told Brown about the damage caused by his cattle but he sent his wife to come and see the damage instead. He then told the wife to tell her husband that they should at least compensate him with a cow but they turned a deaf ear to his request. In 2016 when the cattle destroyed his field again he called them to come and see his loss but once again they ignored him.

TRESPASSING: Brown's cattle
TRESPASSING: Brown’s cattle

He then took the matter to a customary court where he was ordered to compensate the old man with P6000. “I was not happy with the ruling so I appealed because I felt the P6000 was not enough to cover all the costs of repairing a fence, and lost revenue on my maize,” he said.

It was at the appeal hearing at Tati Customary Court that Brown turned the tables on Nfila and accused him of having an affair with his wife. “He said that he had been looking for someone who has been destroying his happy home,” the 54 year old told The Voice in an interview. He said once he is done with his appeal he will open a case of defamation of character because he is being defamed by someone who is trying to run away from his debt.

“In 2014 when I reported the damage caused by his cattle he is the one who sent his wife to me not the other way round. I am now surprised that he wants to use this as an excuse not to pay me,” Nfila said.

In response to Nfila’s remarks, the unshaken Brown said that he has no intention of stopping Nfila from laying defamation charges. “As far as I’m concerned the old man can do as he pleases,” said Brown.

Asked about the home wrecking accusations, Brown said that he was asking how Nfila can charge his wife in his absence. Brown further told The Voice that since then he has not been seeing eye to eye with his wife. He even said that at some point their marriage was on the verge of collapse. “We almost divorced, our parents are aware of this,” Brown said.

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