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In my foolish Love


My Quest

“Hatred stirs up strive. But love covers all sins.” That is what King Solomon, the wisest of the wise, wrote in Proverbs 10 verse 12.
And he was right. Isn’t he always?
Children of God, I am blessed. I am blessed not because I am any special. No I am blessed because I am of the blessed people. I am of the children of God, not just the ordinary people created in the image of God the Father, the Son and the Holy. No, I am of those born of the Spirit of God. Right, Pam, stop rambling on and making no sense, you say. Yes, I know, but I have to for I am of the chosen people.
The reason I feel greatly blessed now is not just because I am a Motswana, a child of the beautiful land called Botswana… yes, for I am convinced we are of the chosen of God.  I feel particularly blessed now because I have, even as recent as just this week, have walked the path of challenges. The path of never-ending problems. I think if you are of my ilk, you will know what I am talking about.
You say blessed for facing challenges? Are you mad? Have you gone completely off the rails that you believe problems are blessings? You ask. And I don’t blame you, for it makes no sense. But what does?
Maybe I should get back to the quoted scripture to explain myself.  The Bible tells me that to hate is wrong. In fact, it is a sin. In any case, what is it that you get out of hatred apart from heavy heartedness, stress and endless thoughts of revenge? If you hate someone, you cannot wish them well. You may even wish them dead, isn’t it?
But say your enemy dies, just at the moment hatred towards them is occupying your mind, would that be a relief? Would you feel, ‘great, I am vindicated?’ I am sure not. If anything, I suspect the demise of the one you are holding a grudge against may haunt you, and give you more strive. You may even start thinking you are such a witch that your evil thoughts have ended the life of God’s creation, and I don’t think anyone called and made of God’s hand will want that. Only evil’s children will find pleasure in evil.
So in my foolish love, I see Christ arise and touch me. I heal. In my foolish love, I find Christ’s love and joy.

Blessed is me
Share the love regardless, so says Christ Jesus.
“But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…” That is Mathew 5 verse 44.
What a call. A huge demand on you, child of God. To not only love those that love you.
You know why? Because regardless of what Satan’s sons and daughters do to you, you are still a child of God. You don’t live according to the precepts of Satan, but the laws and ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. And his ways are not of hate. And Christ’s ways are not of revenge. No, Christ’s ways are love and doing all that releases positivity to the world.
So, in Christ, you and I walk the love.
See why I am blessed? I am blessed because I can not only learn but also share the love of God as He has called me to. And he says, right there through His wisest King, “love covers all sins.”
You say, my girl you are still a child, you don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t know what my enemies have done to me. You expect me to love and pray for that evil man who robbed me of my innocence? That woman who took away my job, my joy and my financial stability? That man who… yes, the list is endless. And you are right; I do not get it, because I have not walked in your shoes. I do not understand the pinch you felt, or still feel.
But I am me, and I know the pitch of my shoes. I know the pain, I know the hurt, the betrayal, being robbed of what is rightfully mine. I know the pain that my pain brings.
But I also know my God and His Word. And His word is that don’t hate. His word is don’t take revenge. His word is surrender it all to me. His word is Love!
So I love, not because I am any special. I do because I know his Love I am suppose to share. And when I do, the torment that is hatred melts away; and my spirit is freed.
I love because God blessed me with his Life. I am what and where I am today because he let go of his own position and life so I can have mine. He died for me so I can have the heart to love and care for even those who do the opposite to me. So I am blessed. Shouldn’t we all?


  1. Pam!…o nepile nnaka!

    It is indeed true that god’s love is endless…. and his teachings through the bible are true!…forgiving thine enemy is the sweetest thing that one could ever do….it reliefs you of so much burden….for hate is a burden and depressing.

  2. true…love one another and forgive and forget…fa go ntse jalo botshelo bo tswelela pele go sena sepe se se fatlhang…