Fokon Bastard baby mama drama
ACCUSED: Isaac Davids




Member of Parliament (MP) for Kgatleng East, Isaac Davids popularly known as Fokon Bastard may soon find himself behind bars for child maintenance debt.

Davids who owes a whopping P384, 120, was ordered by the court in 2004 to pay P3, 201.00 per month for the maintenance of his child with a 42-year -old veteran journalist, Lorato Maleke.

The unruly MP did not deposit a single thebe in Maleke’s account to date.

Maleke who is currently studying towards her third degree at the University of Limpopo in South Africa, described her former married boyfriend as “ rude, crude and ignorant.”

“He defied the order calling it, ‘court order ya mas@p,’ but he did not think of the possibility of a civil imprisonment. He spends money on his lifestyle of debauchery, clubbing and drinking although he knows I am a single mother who has gone back to school struggling to raise his child,” said Maleke

The disgusted and disappointed mother further spoke of how their numerous attempts (she and the child’s) to negotiate with Davids failed because he refused to take their calls.

“We even went to the extent of using other people’s phones to call him but the moment he realised it was us, he would hang up.”

She said that she went through difficult times and regretted the day she met the Kgatleng legislature.

“When I fell in love with him, I thought I had found someone mature and responsible but I am very disappointed at how things have turned out. I had hoped that he was going to be the one counselling me since he is much older but no, he is selfish, irresponsible and cares only about himself.”

Maleke said that in 2004 when the child was four years of age, she approached the court with the hope that the MP would honour the court order and support the child.

That has not happened so she has filed for civil imprisonment.

“If there is any property to be attached I will get it auctioned to recoup the money. He didn’t have mercy on me and I have no mercy for him too. If it means auctioning off his home, Ill do exactly that,” said Maleke who vowed to return to school only after she has either gotten the money her child is owed or the absentee father is safely locked up behind bars.

When contacted for a comment, Davids did not respond to the questions but in typical Fokon Bastard crude style insulted the reporter.

“Just fu@k off, what has that got to do with you, are you the Judge? Get the hell out of here,” he said before hanging up

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