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FMD cripples BMC Maun

FMD cripples BMC Maun
BMC: Maun Abattoir

The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) Maun abattoir has been financially crippled by the discontinuation of their foreign market following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Sehitwa village last year.

Following the FMD outbreak at Namanyane cattle quarantine, the abattoir immediately stopped the exportation of beef to foreign markets being Vietnam, Mozambique and Kuwait, which significantly affected its profit margins.

Speaking at the Maun Sub Council meeting, Maun BMC Plant Manager Oabona Ramotshwara said the abattoir was however expecting to start exporting about 60 tons of beef every month to the Democratic Republic of Congo. (DRC)

Ramotshwara received a round of applause from Maun councilors when he announced that none of his staff were retrenched when the abattoir was closed last year for close to three months due to the FMD outbreak.

“None of my employees lost his/her job, we paid their salaries although they were doing minimal work during the three months. Some of them were sent out to maintain quarantines,” he said.

Meanwhile the abattoir is still not procuring cattle from zone 2d while they await the Department of Veterinary officials to declare the zone free of FMD.

Councilors have been urged to assist in encouraging Ngamiland farmers to sell their cattle to the BMC as the commission is in need of more cattle for slaughter.

The abattoir has a slaughter capacity of 120 cattle per day but Ramotshwara recently revealed that they have been receiving only 106-110 cattle per day.

Last year the abattoir failed to reach its yearly target of 29 000 cattle slaughtered but only managed 18 000.

The plant reduced their target to 24 000.

The abattoir has already slaughtered 2500 cattle since they opened