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Five ways to keep

Five ways to keep

Friends at bay

So often we hear people complaining about being betrayed by their best friends; this happens mostly with girl friends.

When are women going to get it? Your best friend is not a box for you to throw your relationship issues into, nor is s/he some kind of ‘safe’ to lock your secrets into.

The question is, if it is a secret, why are you telling it to someone else? Why do you put so much ‘trust’ in friends that those friends literally call the shots in your relationship?

When are you going to know the difference between a ‘friend’ and a real friend?

Here are five ways to make sure that your friends do not destroy your relationship; read through, and hopefully we will not hear/read any more stories of people whose relationships fell apart because they were back-stabbed by their closest friends.

1. Don’t Tell all
Gossiping is natural among friends. You tell each other secrets and share problems you may be going through with your friends. This could be a good thing because you can get a second opinion or get support.

However, telling all your business in regards to your relationship is not a wise thing to do even if you are telling it to your best friends. Some things should be left between the couple.

If your friend gets mad at you, they may start talking junk about your relationship or reveal some of the stuff you shared with them to your partner.

They could use it against you to take your man. It sounds crazy but it does happen.

2. Set Boundaries

Simply put, let your friends know what they are allowed to do and say when it comes to your relationship.

If you don’t want them giving you advice on your relationship, don’t let them.

If you don’t want them acting too friendly with your man or woman, let them know.

If you think they are prying too much, put them in their place.

3. Ignore bad advice

Sometimes you can have a friend who is naughty.

They know you are in a relationship but they don’t care.

They will try to get you to talk to someone else, go clubbing and meet new people, give you bad relationship advice, and all other things that are not good when you are in a relationship.

Ignore the bad advice and don’t fall for it. Your friends may try to tempt you to do something that could damage your relationship.

Resist the temptation and know when you are being given bad advice.

4. Know which friends to confide In

If you have a problem and you want to talk about it or get advice from one of your friends, know which one of them to confide in.

You don’t want to talk to a friend who always thinks negative, gossips too much, or one that doesn’t like who you are going with.

5. Make sure you have good friends

I know you have heard of stories that go like this: “My best friend stole my man!”

It happens, unfortunately.

All I will say is to choose your friends wisely. Know who to bring around your partner and who not to.

It does take two to tango so it can’t be all on one person.

However, if you have a friend that is just bad news, flirtatious, and just seems like they can’t really be trusted, don’t have them anywhere near your relationship or don’t have them as a friend at all.

Source: relationshipdisaster.com