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The Police seem to have come up with a new brilliant plan to curb thecrime wave and caputure the criminals that are plaguing our city.

They have decided to take back the night from the thugs and low lifes bystacking out…the Bimbo’s in Mogoditshane. Late on the evening of Septemeber 19th. Three police officers were found comfortably lounging at the fast food establishment, which was empty baring myself and one other customer, watching a movie on BTV.

When asked a few questions the friendly officers informed me that they were from the G-West Station, and that they sometimes patrol Block 6 but that they often come to sit in Bimbo’s because, “Sometimes the thieves are coming here, then we can catch them.” So this is it – Botswana’s finest in action….or non-action rather.

While you sleep restlessly, hoping you will not awake to a man holding a knife over you while beating your spouse and children with a pipe. The men who took the job of protecting you are watching a movie and enjoying a juice
at Bimbo’s.

Here are few words that apply – unproffesional, revolting, untrustworthy, dispicable. There is also the word ‘Hopeless’ – which sometimes it is easly to feel when you hear the stories of crime plauging the city. The
stories of violence perpitrated on innocent people.

The Fight Crime Gaborone agenda is not to smear the men and women of the Botswana Police. We want to work with them to help unable them to do their jobs more effectively and keep not only ours, but their own friends and family safe. However, scenerios like the one at Bimbo’s are very discouraging. Where are the answers? And why are we not hearing from the authorities on matters like these?

Do you feel that your taxes are well spent with
regards to your personal safety and security
within Botswana?

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