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Fifi returns with ‘wena’

Fifi returns with ‘wena’

Every Thursday and Friday, the Grand Palm hotel hold their increasingly popular ‘happy hour’ events.

Last week, the resort invited the media to cover one of their events, where serenading the crowd was non other than local songstress Princess, who has re-invented herself as ‘Fifi’.

Impressed with the 35-year-old’s stunning performance, Voice Entertainment caught up with the veteran singer through the week to discuss her musical journey, including her recent resurrection.

Fifi catapulted to fame in 2007, when she featured on DJ Ski Vs Big Dawg’s massive hit ‘Why Do You Come Here’.

Ten years later and the RnB singer has returned to her roots and has high hopes for her latest track ‘Wena’ – an upbeat single that draws obvious inspiration from her original sound.

Reflecting on a mixed career, Fifi (real name Kefilwe Radovic) tells Voice Entertainment, “For the longest time I have been investing much on features.

I have featured on a number of songs that have had high rotation on radio.

In 2008 I decided to have a record of my own and it did not do as well as I had envisioned it would.”

Fifi reveals that after her album, which contained 10 tracks, she decided to concentrate on features again and started investing more time in live music shows.

She has since gained a reputation as a high-quality live performer and is currently booked five days a week at different venues in Gaborone.

The popular diva is also scheduled to perform at this year’s ‘Back to the 70s & 80s’ event.

On the difficulties she faces as a musician, Fifi replies, “I cannot say there are so many challenges in our industry except the major one of being heard.

It is very hard to get people to notice you and that is the biggest downfall.”

Asked to give advice to the upcoming artists, the mother of two, who is now managed by her husband, Irvica Radovic, immediately responds, “Do not sleep with them (other artists) – that is the worst thing you can do.

Just have a professional relationship with the industry players, only then will they respect you!”