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Fatal fight



Cousin kills another in duel for a girlfriend

Boikhutso Molao of Lepashe village in the Central District has appeared before Francistown Magistrate Dumisani Basupi on one count of murder.

Molao, 28, is accused of killing his cousin, Kenewang Opelo on July 12th this year at Lepashe by stabbing him with a knife to death.

It is alleged the two cousins were fighting over a girlfriend.

Molao who works as a herd boy appealed to the court to provide him with an attorney since he could not afford a legal representative.

Prosecutor Keobonye Matsapa appealed to the court not to grant Molao bail as investigations were still at their initial stages.

He said they have also not recorded some of the witnesses statements so releasing him might interfere with the investigations.

Magistrate Basupi agreed with the prosecutor that the accused be remanded in custody for his own safety.

He said murder is a serious matter and the matter was still fresh and the emotions were still high which could put Molao’s life in danger since he was related to the deceased.

Molao’s next mention is scheduled for the 28th of this month.