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Fatal attraction

Fatal attraction

Jealous lover stabs boyfriend to death

A secret affair between two love cheats came to a tragic end last week Saturday in Pitsane village, when a jealous woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death over a text message.

Nthabiseng Modise, 34, killed 41-year-old Gaboutlwele Shuddof Asele, a former Landboard official with a sharp knife for a text message from her love rival.

The two lovers had just arrived home from a nightclub when Asele received a text message from his long time lover, whom he had not kept a secret from Modise.

She too had her own lover who was known and accepted by Asele.

The phone message however, triggered anger from Modise, who grabbed a sharp knife and stabbed the deceased’s on the stomach.

The terrified suspect, screamed for help after the incident, and the neighbours who found blood gushing from Asele’s fresh injuries rushed him to the hospital where he died.

When reached for a comment, the deceased’s family said that they were still in pain and could not comment on the issue.

Meanwhile when asked about the suspect’s relationship with Asele, the suspect’s grandmother said, “Ke itse hela gore ngwanake ne a ikopela phaletshe ko Pitsane west.” (All I know is that she was asking for food from Pitsane West)

Confirming the incident, Botswana Police Spokesperson, Witness Bosija said the suspect has been locked behind bars, facing a murder charge. Her next mention has been scheduled for June 06th