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Fashion ‘faux pas’ at Council

Fashion 'faux pas' at Council
Matsoo's mistake

There is a fine line between ‘avant-garde’ (Shaya admits he had to look that up!) and ridiculous costume as Ikagaleng ward councillor, Sennye Matsoo discovered to her cost this week.

The popular Botswana Congress Party (BCP) politician is well known for her love of fashion from The Fifth Collection and daring outfits.

However, she took it a step too far at Monday’s Francistown Council session, held to swear in Moselewapula ward’s new councillor, Ruben Ketlhoilwe.

Desperate to show her support for her fellow BCP member, Matsoo chose to wear a large luminous green hat intricately decorated and covered with ribbons.

While it matched her bright personality and ensured all eyes were on her (stealing Ketlhoilwe’s thunder in the process), the headpiece, which looked like a giant birthday cake, was more suited for a wedding and had no place in council.

Shaya suggests a more conservative outfit next time – and mixing green with blue, what were you thinking?

Even Shaya knows that’s a fashion no-no!