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Fallen from Grace

Fallen from Grace
HOPELESS: Robert Mugabe

President Mugabe to hand over power to Mnangagwa

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe would be forced to hand over power to the country’s sacked vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, reports from Harare have claimed.

A senior journalist speaking out of the capital city of Zimbabwe towards midnight on Wednesday said that a deal signed between president Mugabe and the military was expected to be announced in less than 24 hours.

“ We expect an announcement about the handing over of power to an interim government under the curatorship of Mnangagwa with the assistance of Joice Mujuru and Tsvagirai,” the journalist from a leading business newspaper said, adding that the interim would be for three years paving way for elections. “The trio would be mandated to restore the economy among other priorities.” he said

This follows military leader General Constantine Chiwenga’s military intervention after the Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa had fled the country.

The journalist’s views confirmed the views of a Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies analyst, Derek Matyszak, who was quoted Wednesday afternoon by the international media saying the army, would now be negotiating with the country’s president.

Security expert, Matysak further stated in a UK based newspaper that the “brief” reappointment of Mnangagwa before Mugabe retires would be the “easiest way” to make the takeover seem legal.

“I think the army is in negotiations with Mugabe and Mnangagwa,” he told AFP news agency.

“The easiest way to present a veneer of legality is that Mugabe reappoints Mnangagwa as vice president, briefly then he Mugabe retires.”

President Mugabe, who has been in charge of the country for 37 years, is understood to be “fine” but confined to his home. His wife Grace has fled the country for Namibia.”

The army took over the national state broadcaster ZBC and explosions were heard in the country’s capital of Harare on Tuesday night but the military has denied it carried out a coup, instead calling it a “bloodless correction”.

The army said it seized control to stop “criminals surrounding the president” from taking over.

Armed soldiers in armored personnel carriers were stationed at key points in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, and soldiers patrolled the streets.

All state media house have also been put under the control of the Zimbabwe Defence force (ZDF)