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Fake mourner exposed

Fake mourner exposed
IN DISBELIEF: Abraham Dichaba

Btv saves grieving family from falling prey to a bizarre scam

He took the adage ‘desperate times calls for desperate action’ too far when he found a niche as a fake mourner.

Olebile Mothofela, alias, Kabelo Montsho was unmasked after he was caught on Btv Cameras giving a moving eulogy about his “ fallen friend,” at corporal Dintle Dichaba’s funeral in Tonota last weekend.

The fake griever who crashes funerals pretending to be “best friends” with the deceased for food, VIP treatment and possible fraud has been exposed.

The unsuspecting family of Corporal Dichaba was rescued from the jaws of this shamelessly scheming conman after Montsho’s luck ran out when people he had conned before in a similar manner saw him on the national broadcaster and took to social media to raise the alarm.

“I received a call on Sunday from someone warning me of our visitor and quickly word went around. He must have sensed that his cover had been blown because he abruptly left, apparently to buy airtime and that was the last time we saw him. He left wearing flip flops and left his clothes in the house,” said the older sister to the deceased, Onalenna Dichaba (37).

Shortly after his hasty departure, Tonota police arrived accompanied by a man who claimed *Montsho* had stolen his clothes and everything he owned at a funeral.

“The man identified a pair of jeans from the clothes the con artist had left in the house. We were saved by BTV, this man was waiting to strike and we don’t want to imagine what would have happened,” she said.

Before then Montsho had put up a convincing and emotional act as a very rich farmer with 420 herds of cattle who had come to bury his friend.

“He told us that if we needed a cow to slaughter for the funeral we should feel free to negotiate with any farmer and he’ll settle the bill after the funeral and then he broke down sobbing uncontrollably until we comforted him.”

As soon as he stopped crying, he announced that he was diabetic and my father made sure five roses tea and bread was in constant supply for him to keep his sugar levels up.

The funeral programme was already complete, but we altered it to include one of my brother’s best friends,” she said.

Narrating his ordeal, corporal Dichaba’s grieving father, Abraham Dichaba (70) told of how the fraudster had arrived at the funeral house on Wednesday afternoon and introduced himself as Kabelo Montsho.

“He said he knew my son very well, and that the two of them were best friends,”

The old man said the soft spoken *Montsho* regaled the family of the deceased with stories of how him and his “best friend” spent the best of their times at his farm in Letlhakane.

Fake mourner exposed
CONCERNED: Deceased’s sister, Onalenna Dichaba

“He told me that my son used to accompany him to his farm, and that he had even given him a cow as a present.” “He was so convincing, as he went even further to say that my son’s heifer is now nursing,” Dichaba said.

After gaining the old man and the rest of the family’s trust Montsho was welcomed with open arms and offered accommodation, VIP treatment and a slot to speak in the funeral programme.

The Voice also traced another family in Mahalapye in Xhosa 1 whom *Montsho scammed late last year. The family was the first to alert the Dichaba family and the Police after seeing *Montsho’s video footage on the news.

“Montsho’s story about how he met the BDF deceased officer matched that of how he had said he met my cousin, that is when we knew something was amiss and warned the Dichaba family,” she said.

*Montsho, according to the family in Mahalapye, was keen on driving one of the vehicles but they wouldn’t let him. “He really wanted keys to the car, it was just by a stroke of luck that we didn’t give him the keys because we now suspect he would have run away with it. That morning he was nowhere to be seen, he left with a bit of cash and a few clothes,” she said.

Tonota Police Station Commander Kenanao Badumetse told The Voice that they are still in the hunt for the conman, who seems to have perfected the art of swindling grieving families.