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Eyewitnesses describe Davids’ brutal murder

Eyewitnesses describe Davids' brutal murder
DECEASED: Issac Davids

The sight of blood gushing out of his back as life ebbed out of his body will forever haunt eyewitnesses of Mochudi East, MP Isaac Davids’s’ gruesome murder.

Describing the chaotic scenes of violence that led to David’s demise, a traumatised eyewitness, Dikaralo Modimowabatho, said, “ In that moment of rage, Petrus was like a man possessed by the devil. No one could stop him as he hurled insults and threatened anyone who dared to break the fatal fight in which the MP was killed. It was total madness!”

Modimowabatho, 21, was speaking a day after the butchering of Davids by two of his drunken herdsman, a tragic incident, which had since sparked a raging debate on the relations between ruthless farm hands and their horrible bosses.

Eyewitnesses describe Davids' brutal murder

He said that Davids, a hefty man with a knack for sparring with his employees, died in a fight with two herdsmen Jabulani Petrus Dube, 31 and Mokgalimi Malea 32, over their unauthorized use of his horses to visit a drinking spot in Sorilatholo settlement in the Kweneng District.

Before the fight broke out, the MP, Modimowabatho explained, came in and politely greeted everyone at the drinking hole.

We responded and he asked “this one who is putting on my hat and not even looking my way who is he? Where is Petrus?”

When Petrus answered, the MP demanded to know why his horses were ridden to the drinking hole to which Petrus allegedly responded by saying “Di tsenye mo koloing o di buse ha o bata o mar&*%,” which loosely translates to “ take the horses back in your van if you wish, you di*%.”

According to Modimowabatho Petrus uttered the insult as he defiantly stood up to walk away but Davids immediately floored him with a hot slap.

“ The MP then repeatedly hit Petrus who kept on asking if Davids wanted a fight, to which Davids replied that he did not.”

Modimowabatho further narrated how Petrus got up and ran to the car while insulting the MP who alerted others that the angry herdsman might be going to retrieve his( MP)s gun and urged onlookers to stop him.

In the meantime the MP hit Petrus colleague who had also joined in the quarrel with a log prompting Petrus to turn back and ask, “lekgoa naare o tla ka ntwa” meaning, “boss did you come here to fight?”

But before the MP could answer Petrus drew a knife, quickly advanced and stabbed him on the thigh.

Davids tried to escape but the younger man was too fast for the 68- year- old man whom he quickly caught up with and stabbed on the back.

“He fell down and Petrus demanded his outstanding salary from the MP and warned him that he was going to kill him if he did not produce it at that instance. The MP said the money was in the car, but Petrus continued to stab him over and over again on the back and stomach, blood gushing out all over the place until he died right in front of our eyes.” said the eyewitness.

Shebeen owner, Neo Phemelo, 41, is also traumatised after finding Petrus, straddling the MP with a bloody knife in his hand.

“I left them in my yard to round up the goats but I rushed back when I heard screams. By the time I arrived on the scene the MP was already stabbed. My two- year old toddler was standing next to them, so I quickly picked him up. It was my very first time to see that man (Davids) and I am still in shock,” Phemelo said.

Meanwhile one of David’s employees, Mabitso Lentswe, 25, said Davids had arrived that morning with three people who were to buy about 15 cattle from him.

Eyewitnesses describe Davids' brutal murder
HERDBOY: Lentswe

“He left two of them with me and went out. He did not tell me where he was going. To the shock of my life, my two colleagues arrived back at the farm handcuffed and in the escort of the police later that afternoon. The other people from the village brought in the horses and told me that my boss was murdered. Even now I still cannot believe that indeed he is gone. It is too much for me to take in! I don’t understand what happened when he reached the village,” lamented Lentswe.

The killer herdsman, a Zimbabwean who had worked for Davids for the past 15 years and a Motswana have been charged with a single count of murder and appeared for mention at the Molepolole Magistrate court this week.

Their next mention is at the end of this month.