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Extension two clinic night duty nurse raped

MINISTER OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Dr Alfred Madigele comments on nurse rape
MINISTER OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Dr Alfred Madigele comments on nurse rape

A 27-year-old female nurse was raped while on duty at Extension II clinic in Gaborone in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview today, (Monday) Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Alfred Madigele said the victim was in one of the offices when an intruder walked in and demanded money and a cellphone at knife point.

He said according to their investigations the security officers were not at their workstation at the time of the tragic event.

“This man had all the time to drag the victim out of the office and rape her at the back of the porta cabin and take her back to the office.
Three security officers were supposed to be on duty and we do not know where they were during the time of the incident. This was a terrifying attack.

I immediately went to the clinic with the assistant minister to address the employees and provided counseling. We also paid the victim and her family a visit to discuss how best we can help to deal with the trauma,” Dr Madigele said.

Following the incident the minister toured the clinic and realized that the floodlights have not been working for years, the bushes were not cut and some office door locks were damaged.

The new minister said all these things required urgent attention for the safety of staff and patients. He said there are also complaints of burglary at Old Naledi clinic, which also operates24 hours.

“We need to upgrade the facilities and increase security. We do not want to experience this kind of incidents in future. Our priority should be staff and patients security to save their lives,” The minister emphasized.

Confirming the incident, Central Police Station acting station commander, Russ Letsebe said that investigations are continuing and they have not arrested anyone in connection with the incident.