Demonstration of how a camel is milked

Botswana Tourism clinches another Tourist Destination
My feet have been aching from lack of travel. A chance to explore the land of camels by Botswana Tourism was purely God-given and I seized it with both legs.
This expedition to Tsabong was a endeavor into the unknown as I was in an environment I had never been to before.
I had an opportunity to ride one of the trained camels and even drank their nutritious milk.
The Tsabong Camel Park which reminded of the camels I have seen in the breath-taking sand dunes of the Sahara desert in Egypt.
Approximately 10 km outside the village of Tsabong we ventured into the Tsabong Camel Park. The park is an initiative by Tsabong Community members who saw an opportunity to use the camels that were once owned by Botswana Police Department and auctioned to general public, to be used for eco- tourism in their village.

Sipping on some camel milk

Tsabong Camel Park is in an area covering 3200 hectares of land. This allows the camels to move about freely while plans to introduce other wildlife species into the park are underway. Botswana tourism is not only about attracting multitudes of people but rather environment conservation as well. This means not all wildlife species will be introduced in the park. Only those that can live in harmony with camels and not damage the environment due to competition of grazing will be introduced.

At the moment, the camel park is not open for tourists. One can find about 140 camels, but all these camels are wild. The Botswana Tourism Organization has teamed up with Kenya Camel Association to train the camels so that they can be ridden for exploring the beautiful Kalahari Desert.  The community will be taught how to milk camels as well.
Chalets are available and look top notch for a desert accommodation and blends well with the environment. This will surely put Tsabong in the map for desert excursions, which have never been offered before. Nearby places include the Kalahari Transfrontier Game Reserve and Mabuasehube Game Reserve and an airstrip.

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