A police operation has arrested a dangerously armed former Zimbabwean soldier at his rented house in Mmopane Block 1.

43-year old Mike Graduate Mutizwa appeared before a Broadhurst Magistrate Court today charged with two counts of unlawful possession of arm of war and unlawful possession of ammunition of war.

Detective Superintendent Sergeant Marapo who led the operation pleaded with the court to have the suspect remanded in custody as he was too dangerous to be let free and that investigations were still at infancy stage. “Our fear is that he might interfere with police investigations and as a Zimbabwean national he has the potential to skip back to his country,” he said.

Mutizwa, a highly trained former Air Lieutenant in the Zimbabwean National Army was nabbed following a tip-off and when the police searched his house they found a 9mm Makarov semi-automatic pistol and a magazine loaded with nine rounds of ammunition.

Mutizwa was also found with stacks of walkie-talkies and hand cuffs as well as notebooks with military tactical information and certificates detaining his military credentials.

The unemployed Mutizwa is said to be paying a monthly rental of P3 500.00 and the police say they suspect that the pistol that was seized from him is used in criminal activities.

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ahhh my man keep that up..


keep up guys i have long suspected this guy coz i once worked closely to him and u couldn’t understand his movements and life style.very dangerous in deed for our country


He deserves to rot in jail, clearly he is a dangerous man. Who kwows what he was planning to do with all that. Well done for removing rotten apples from the community. Keep up the good work!!