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Emmerson, Mont catering donate to GTC

Emmerson, Mont catering donate to GTC
Emmerson Regional Manager: Daniel-de-Beer

An international refrigeration company, Emmerson together with a local company, Mont Catering and refrigeration, on Friday donated three condensing units to Gaborone Technical college at an event held at Cresta President hotel in Gaborone.

Emmerson, which trained GTC students on how best to use the condensers added that the equipment is important in today’s market where timely delivery is of importance.

The company’s regional manager, Daniel de Beer said people prefer to buy from convenient stores because they want fresh produce.

“That is where we come in, making sure that the products leave the farm fresh and reach the consumer fresh, that is, refrigerated transportation from the farm to the stores, from one continent to the other. We can monitor the food right from the farm to the consumers,” explained De Beer.

He in fact added that the more reason people prefer to buy fresh produce on daily or weekly basis is because “everyone wants fresh food.”

Today many countries thrive due to knowledge based innovation. It was against this background that the two companies said they found it worth to skill GTC students on the operations of the compressors so that in future they will transform from job seekers to job creators.

De Beer added that GTC which is “a world class,” technical college deserves modern machinery to keep up with today’s food market demands.