Eloyi neuter Thokolosi with giant genitals
CAPTURED: Thokolosi

Mothabaneng women free after horny creature’s reign of terror ends

Life in Mothabaneng village has reportedly returned to normal after Eloyi church captured a strange creature believed to be responsible for raping a number of female residents during a four-year reign of terror.

Women in the small settlement, located in Bobirwa District, are said to be sighing in relief since the thokolosi – which was described as having ‘giant genitals’ by the village’s chief, Kgosi Bethuel Machete – was exorcised almost three weeks ago.

“I am no longer receiving reports of random rapes like before. The creature was nabbed and killed and we can now all sleep in peace,” revealed the relieved Kgosi.

The chief explained the being resembled a short hairy man with a ‘white man’s face’ and was captured at the village river.

Since May this year, reports of women in his village being raped by a creepy creature worried Kgosi Machete to the point where he requested spiritual intervention from renowned thokolosi hunter’s Eloyi.

He revealed that although attacks began as far back as 2014, they had increased drastically around May-June this year.

The horny creature allegedly raped women in their sleep and sometimes excreted on their nightwear.

According to Kgosi Machete, often the victims only discovered that they had been sexually abused when they woke up in the morning.

A puzzled Machete explained that in the numerous cases he had received, all of the violated women stated they did not see the creature that attacked them.

“I am told that it was very jealous. If a woman has had sex before it arrived, it got angry and excreted on her. But if she was untouched by her partner, the Thokolosi would apparently send him into a deep sleep, push him aside and have sex with the woman,” continued Machete, who went on to liken the being’s footprints to a baboon’s.

Now that the creature has been terminated, Machete is hopeful its victims, families and the whole village will live in peace.

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