Duo arrested for buying beer in SA

Gofaone Koogotsitse

Ramatlabama police have arrested two men aged 29 and 34 after they illegally crossed to South Africa to buy alcohol.

The two who stay in Gaborone were reportedly arrested on their way back after they were found in possession of 10 bottles off 750ml of Gordons Dry Gin alcohol.

 A receipt as proof of purchase from Mafikeng liquor store is said to have been found in the pockets of one of the suspects upon being searched by the police.

 Ramatlabama Station Commander, Superintendent Zibani Mbisana, confirmed that the men were arrested on Thursday along Hebron/Marojane road from the borderline.

“After finishing the investigations, that is when we can be certain of the suitable charges against them. As we suspect they bought the beer from South Africa, when found guilty they could be fined a minimum of P2000 for importation without permits,” explained Mbisana who revealed that the charges included the total value of the imported products, alcohol levy and violation of Covid-19 precautions for the suspension of alcohol.

According to the Mbisana, since January they have recorded about 20 cases of people who illegally cross the border to buy large quantities of dagga.

The cases involve 30 people mostly youthful men of ages between 24 and 30, from the village and Gaborone.

“It is also risky in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic to cross borders illegally, but we shall continue to fight with everything we have to make sure people obey the law. We make sure that we follow the procedure that after the suspects get arrested, they are tested and later that is when we further our investigations knowing the results.

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