This month at BOSASNet we are commemorating our annual Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) under the theme: “Drug Free Lifestyle: You Have The Power”.

We chose this theme because most of our clients at the beginning of recovery seem to believe that it is impossible to live a drug free lifestyle.

They sometimes believe they have no power when it comes to drugs and that the only way to survive socially and be accepted by others is to use drugs.

Below is a story of someone we have named BOSA* who also had that belief before he checked into a drug detox center.

BOSA* was a youth like any other young person you know.

He was a very determined student and even went to good schools where he managed to complete his form five.

His dream was to become a Captain at the Botswana Defence Force and serve his nation.

After form 5 he came to the city to look for a job.

This did not work out as he had planned and could not find employment, eventually he gave up looking for a job and his dream of becoming a captain was no more.

He then joined a group called “Maspotisi” which was very popular back then. He believed that he had no power but to join the group and do what they did.

Remember they say that when you are in Rome you do what the romans do.

Maspotisi specialized in drinking alcohol, smoking Marijuana, sniffing and injecting hashish and that’s what he did. He stated that he felt like a “King of the world’’, mighty and powerful.

His age group from the community were worshiping and praising him. The popularity he had, gave him courage to advance to bigger crimes such as armed robbery, house breaking and shop lifting.

Eventually the law caught up with him, he was arrested and sentenced to jail for 10 years.

This ordeal made him rethink his future and he realized that crime doesn’t pay but rather destroys one’s life.

BOSA* made a decision concerning his destiny by reconciling with the Lord Almighty and by giving his life to Christ through the counselling and the prayer meetings which were held in prison.

He indicated that while he was still in the process of finding himself, another tragedy struck while he was in prison, where he lost his siblings and was unable to pay his last respect to his loved ones.

BOSA* stated that even though he endured much that did not stop him from pressing on and encouraging other prisoners from around the country of Botswana to start transforming their lives through Christ and living a positive lifestyle which does not involve drugs and crime.

As a result of paying for his crimes, today he is out of prison and is engaged in outreaches to spread his message “Crime doesn’t pay”.

So far he went as far as Molepolole Prisons, Mochudi Prisons, Moshupa Prisons, Mahalapye Prisons and he has even enlarged his cords by addressing schools such as Naledi Senior, Kgale Hill school, Motswedi JSS and Mooka JSS in the name of crime and drugs.

BOSA* also works closely with BOSASNet. BOSA* now knows that it’s possible to leave a drug free lifestyle.

This could have saved him a lot of heartache and would have not lost 10 years of his life in prison.

He encourages youth to stay away from drugs. Some of his friends who were with him at school have managed to live a drug free lifestyle.

You can find BOSASNet on Facebook, visit us on, or call us on 3959119/3913490 or 72659891 for more information.

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