VERBAL CLASH: Butler and Drago

Former Zebras coach Peter Butler and the newly appointed national Under 20 coach Dragojlo Stanojlovic are trading blows on social media.

The Serbian coach apparently is not happy that the twitter-crazed Butler has cast aspersions on his coaching credentials and has hit back with a flurry of insults.

In a leaked screenshot of the WhatssApp conversation between the former buddies Stanojlovic warns Butler to back off. “I’m not from Botswana, I’m from Serbia, and do not touch or call me, that is for your good treasures anywhere or in Botswana, I’ll kill you.”

“Damn you, in the p****, you destroyed football in Botswana, the drunkenness, come to Botswana to kill you like a dog (sic)”

Reached for comment Stanojlovic denied ever threatening Butler. “I don’t want to comment on this issue, I and Butler are best friends,” he said and added: “Why are we talking about Butler, he’s been here for four years and what has he done,” he said in a veiled jab at Butler before hanging up.

Butler who called his old friend a lunatic said he’s still shocked by the threat. “He’s a crazy man, a real role model for the U20 team,” he said.

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