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The downside of online dating

The downside of online dating
The downside of online dating

Last Friday evening, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at Kofifi bar in Gaborone when he eavesdropped on a conversation amongst customers who were having drinks, on how media and online dating can go bad.

LADY IN JEANS: Hela, I read on Facebook that a Duma Fm presenter fell in love with someone only to discover a year later that the lady had faked her identity as she used Miss Namibia’s photos on her Facebook account.

LONG-HAIRED LADY: I read it too. The lady claimed to be a rich Motswana medical doctor based in London. But men can be foolish also.

How do you profess undying love for someone you have never met?

LADY IN JEANS: The guy was so obsessed to an extent that he had started saving money to relocate to London to join her.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: Sometimes us guys like showing-off. You can image if he’d gone and got lost in London or abducted by human traffickers.

LONG-HAIRED LADY: That’s what guys like to do. The moment you accept their friend request on Facebook, you give them a license to propose love to you.

MAN IN RED CAP: My friend dated a lady through a newspaper column. They exchanged phone numbers and started to communicate.

She claimed to work for Nyangabwe Referral Hospital in Francistown as a nurse. Some minutes later, she asked him to loan her some money for fuel, so she could drive to Gaborone to meet him.

He decided to cut the communication after I told him she was a trickster. Months later, I dated a lady through the same newspaper column.

I was surprised when she told me the same story she told my friend. (laughter).

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: Man, you were so lucky. You can imagine how many guys she conned of their hard-earned cash through her stunts.

The conversation ends as two noisy men talking about American politics walk into the bar.