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Doom and gloom

Doom and gloom
STREET BUSINESS: A money changer on the streets

Happiness is all too often short lived for the majority of Zimbos.

Whilst it is a one thing to be optimistic, it is foolish to ignore the reality.

Last November, the world joined Zimbabwe in celebrating the downfall of long time dictator, former president Robert Mugabe.

Many thought that with Mugabe gone, Zimbabwe would rise and return to its former glory.

However, with almost a year gone by, there is still no end in sight for the problems that have dogged the country for so long.

A few weeks back, many celebrated (including the column) when President Emmerson Mnangagwa named his new cabinet, which had fresh blood and technocrats.

The general feeling was that he had chosen the right people to help him steer the sinking ship for the good of the people – alas it is beginning to look like yet another false dawn.

While it is known that Zimbabwe’s deep-rooted woes can never be solved in one day, there should at least be an indication that things are changing for the better.

But no, we are actually moving five steps back!

Long winding fuel queues have resurfaced; prices of commodities are going up, some shops now only accept the elusive US dollar and cash is still not available at the banks.

As if that is not enough, on Monday the Finance Ministry announced the new monetary policy, which does not favour the ordinary many on the street.

Oh and by the way, reality has now sunk in that the US Dollar is no longer at par with the surrogate currency, which comes in the form of bond notes and coins.

The bond notes long lost their value against the dollar but the powers that be have been turning a blind eye to this realism. Only this week did they finally come to their senses just as the bond was sinking deeper against the green back.

In the recent past one would get around $160 bond notes for US$100 on the black market but this week it went up to almost $200 bond notes.

And while we still buy whatever we can in bonds, retailers need to restock by purchasing the goods mostly in South Africa using forex.

The useless bond notes only work in Zimbabwe so your guess is as good as mine as to where we are headed, back to the era of empty shelves and buying goods on the streets?

As already mentioned, some shops no longer accept any other forms of payment, it’s strictly the US Dollar which most people don’t have as we were long ‘forced’ to use plastic money since there is no cash to talk about.

Which brings me to the worst news this week.

The government, while announcing the monetary policy, increased charges for electronic transactions. Mobile money users will now be charged 2 cents for every Dollar transacted on top of the 5 cents flat charge, which was already in place.

In other words we are paying more for using plastic money as if we have a choice, yet this is a problem created by the very same people who are now hiking the taxes.

But while we complain and ‘cry’ about paying more for transacting, the powers that be are actually smiling because this is a wide revenue base for the government considering that more than 80 percent transactions are now done electronically.

Sad times indeed for poor Zimbos!


  1. Very sad that those thieving people who are supposed to be in charge are getting away with alot and getting VIP treatment and being pampwered whereever they go and making the ordinary people bear the brunt of their mismanagement and they are being allowed to chair very important organisations. If one reads international news the President of Interpol as had to resign because of corruption charges levelled against him he is being alleged of taking yes BRIBES ??

  2. The big question is why has this mess been allowed to happen for the last 37+ years while those at the top walking around in their Savoy Tailored Suits, red carpets laid out of them , lavish banquets laid out for them , chauferred limosines laid out for them, and everyone pretending that all is well including those at SADC . SADC headquarters must take its fair share of the blame for just mingling with those at the top, puting on a hypocritical smile to tell everyone that all is well when it is not and not engaging with the ordinary citizens

  3. New Twist To Contaminated Bottled Water Saga
    October 5, 2018

    By Own Correspondent| Water bottling companies reportedly tried to arm-twist the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) into disowning its report on tests carried out on the quality of their bottled water it has emerged.

    According to a local publication, the water bottling companies allegedly tried to get EMA to disown the report before they later claimed that the water did not belong to them.

    According to a report by EMA, laboratory tests showed that only 6 brands of bottled water out of 17 were safe for consumption while the rest were contaminated.

    After failing to get EMA to disown the report, the companies are alleged to have claimed that the water which was tested had been bottled by bogus bottlers.

    A source from EMA who spoke to a local publication said:

    “They sent representatives to us on Friday seeking two things. First, they wanted EMA to disown the test results and the report. We told them that this was not possible.

    Our bosses said the newspaper, the Zimbabwe Independent, had obtained the documents confidentially and therefore EMA had no obligation to respond to it since this would make it an extension of the paper.

    After seeing that this had flopped, they then sought to disown the water on the basis that the samples which we used did not belong to then had been repacked by fraudulent bottles.

    We simply asked them to prove that it was not their water since samples were taken from reputable supermarkets which only trade with registered companies…the management stood its ground and refused to be used by the companies.”-ZimbabweIndependent”

    This sort of thing should never happen in a civilised country

  4. “Pharmacies Close Doors As Zim Crisis Deepens
    October 9, 2018


    Terrence Mawawa| Pharmacies in Masvingo have closed doors due to the worsening economic crisis in the country.

    Dr Takafariva Zhou went through a harrowing experience as he tried to purchase drugs for his mother yesterday. Below is Dr Zhou’s statement:

    Yes all the pharmacies in Masvingo have closed today. One closed its doors just as I wanted to get in to buy medication for my ill mother.

    Other areas will follow suit. Their argument is that it has become useless to sell medication using bond notes as they cannot replenish their supply from such a currency.”

  5. “Zimbabwe’s central bank allowed its citizens to exchange the country’s almost worthless currency for US dollars. Its 100-trillion-dollar note is worth just 40 U.S. cents.(16 Jun 2015)

  6. “Africa: Over 14 000 Migrants Drown En-Route to Europe


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    “By Ahmed Zayed

    Tripoli — More than 14 700 migrants have died at sea trying to reach Europe over the past five years since the international community united to end further death at sea.

    Among the victims are 1 777 people that have died or gone missing on migratory routes across the Mediterranean region during the beginning of 2018.

    Confirmation of the tragedies came as the world marked the just-concluded National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Immigration. It is marked yearly since October 3, 2013.

    I was marked since a shipwreck off the Italian island of Lampedusa claimed 368 victims, mainly Africans.

    The fishing boat was carrying migrants from Libya. Many of the migrants were originally from Eritrea, Somalia and Ghana.

    The vessel began to have engine trouble less than a quarter-mile from Lampedusa, causing the ship to begin sinking.

    In an attempt to contact nearby boats, a blanket on the ship was lit on fire.

    However, this fire grew worse when it ignited some gasoline and began to engulf the boat before it sank.

    Federico Soda, Director of the International Organisation for Migration Office for the Mediterranean, said it was important to commemorate the tragedy.

    “It must always be commemorated, together with all the other tragedies that unfortunately are still happening at sea,” Soda said.

    Thousands of African migrants die in the seas as they escape abject poverty and unemployment from their respective countries.”
    The african countries need to mark this day as it affects ordinary people including SADC

  7. “European Union observers say Zimbabwe election ‘fell short’ on fairness
    11th October 2018 News Headlines, Top Story, Uncategorised

    By AFP & Staff Reporter

    ZIMBABWE’S first election since the ousting of Robert Mugabe did not meet international standards, European Union observers said on Wednesday in a report that raised a series of irregularities in the disputed vote.”

  8. “EU Says ConCourt Ignored Chamisa’s Evidence
    October 11, 2018

    Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court disregarded evidence placed before it, the European Union Election Observer Mission (EU EOM) has said.

    Publishing its final report on the July 30 polls, the group said the Constitutional Court disregarded applicant, Nelson Chamisa’s evidence.

    The court insisted on the “best evidence rule” and yet in the past it had not demanded such.

    The EU said: “While the Court made extensive reference to the “best evidence rule” and repeated the need for the applicant to have produced “primary source evidence”, either from a recount or through an analysis of the content of the unsealed ballot boxes through an application to the Electoral Court, and stressed that the applicant chose not to exercise his right to obtain the necessary evidence, it completely disregarded the value of the evidence placed before it. Yet, the evidence which the Court mentioned as the acceptable evidence would still not have been made easily available, as it had to be applied for – it is notable that when recourse has been made to that in the past, no application had succeeded.

    The EU also expressed concern that the Constitutional Court did not refer to judgements passed by the High Court despite the court acknowledging the cases.

    It said: In regards to the pre-election violations alleged, of concern is the fact that although the Court acknowledged the existence of some pre-election High Court judgments pertaining to the conduct of postal voting, the design of the ballot paper, the release of the voter roll with photos and the voting of civil servants, it did not refer to other judgments, such as the one of the Electoral Court related to the distribution of agricultural seed under the guise of it being the presidential inputs scheme, 101 or the one of the High Court banning the President of the National Council of Chiefs from making political statements supporting ZANU PF and declaring unconstitutional the conduct of campaigns by traditional leaders.””

    Why should the EU become a substitute for SADC who should be making comments ???? Just remembered the first word that comes out of SADC’s mouth is the word “Challenge”?

  9. “We Passed SADC And AU Standards: Zanu-PF Responds To EU Election Report
    Staff Reporter –
    Oct 11, 2018

    Paul Mangwana

    The ruling Zanu-PF party has said that the European Union Election Observer Mission (EU EOM)’s final report which stated that the July 30 harmonised did not meet international standards, was just the opinion of the EU.

    Zanu-PF secretary for Legal Affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said the party was happy with the outcome as SADC and the African Union (AU) had endorsed the election. Said Mangwana,

    It is their opinion and it remains so. We are measured by Sadc and AU standards and we met those standards. The AU and Sadc said so. We cannot be measured by standards we know nothing about.

    However, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo refused to comment saying,

    Talk to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they can help since these were observers and would have given them the report before publishing it. On behalf of the party, we need to study it, the context as well as why they are saying so.” ??????? if these are standards lord forbid

  10. “British Airways no longer accepting RTGS payments, only accepting credit cards
    British Airways no longer accepting RTGS payments, only accepting credit cards
    Published: 09 October 2018 (173 Views)
    British Airways has temporarily limited the distribution of ticketing authority meaning that the airline has stopped accepting real-time gross settlement (RTGS) transfers for the purchase of tickets.

    Instead, the airline is now accepting only credit cards after facing difficulties in the repatriation of foreign currency. In a letter dated 08 October 2018, the airline said,


    In light of the ongoing difficulties experienced in foreign currency repatriation, Comair regrets to inform our Trade Partners that British Airways operated by Comair is temporarily limiting distribution of Ticketing Authority In the Zimbabwe market.

    Effective immediately, the Ticketing Authority for agents In Zimbabwe shall be limited to credit card only, through the BSP system. All tickets issued on 125 paper are included in this Directive, regardless of carrier.

    British Airways and Comair Ltd is working tireless, to find a solution and we shall continue to communicate with the Trade as we try to resolve. In case of any queries, please contact us at the Comair Ltd Town Office.”
    So what is beinig experience is AU and SADC standards?????????

  11. “EU Observers Say Mnangagwa Literally Employs Chief Justice Malaba, And ED Unconstitutionally Changed The Laws To His Favour
    October 10, 2018

    By A Correspondent| The EU Observer mission today expressed that ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa has illegally changed the laws and he now has powers to appoint the Chief Justice and the Judge President, which effectively makes him their employer.”
    Must be AU and SADC standards ???

  12. ” EU Says ZEC Lacked Independence, Transparency And Was Likely CIO Influenced
    October 10, 2018

    By A Correspondent|The EU Observer Mission today said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) lacked independence and appeared to not always act in an impartial manner.

    The EUOM also said ZEC’s independence was undermined by contestant, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s subordinate, Ziyambi Ziyambi’s Ministry of Justice.

    “ZEC’s independence is, to some degree, undermined by the involvement of the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in the approval of regulations adopted by the Commission,” they said.”

    The ZEC have probably been doing this for the last 37+ years

  13. This is an article reported in a europeannewspaper

    “By Damian Zane
    Get involved

    Posted at 11:22 10 Oct11:22 10 Oct
    SharedZimbabwe’s KFC ‘has no money to buy chickens’

    KFC does not have US dollars to buy chickens

    Leading fast-food chains in Zimbabwe have shut their doors as the cash crunch in the country worsens – just two months after President Emmerson Mnangagwa won elections.

    KFC put up notices at its branches in the capital, Harare, and the second city, Bulawayo, saying they would remain closed “during these difficult times” until further notice.

    “This is due to the fact that we are unable to source stock from our suppliers as they require US dollars. We are doing everything possible to resume trade as soon as possible,” the notice said.

    St Elmos pizza outlet said it had shut its branches for the same reason, adding that it would use the time to do some deep cleaning and repairs:

    Chicken Inn ran out of chicken on Tuesday, and it was unclear when they will get supplies again, the state-run Chronicle newspaper reported.

    Some phramacies were also shut in Bulawayo, it added.

    Last week, Zimbabwe’s Financial Gazette newspaper reported that many retail shops were running out of some essential goods because of foreign currency shortages.

    Zimbabwe abandoned its own currency in 2009, adopting the use of foreign cash, including the US dollar.

    The government issued its own version of dollars called “bond notes” in 2016 to ease the continuing cash shortage, but they have rapidly lost their value”

    Au SADC Standards ???

  14. There are reports emerging that bread is being rationed to one per customer and a container of butter presumbably 1kg costs US$25?????

  15. the word “Corruption is featuring again

    Multi-million dollar scandal rocks Zinara
    Posted on October 12, 2018 by The Independent in Feature, Main News, Politics with 1 Comment

    The deplorable state of the country’s road network is well documented and the first candidates for PPPs would be arguably Zinara and the NRZ.

    AN external forensic audit has uncovered massive corruption, tax evasion and corporate governance rot at the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara), in which the government agency lost millions of dollars through wanton financial waste and unsubstantiated payments to board members and senior company officials.


    Officials at the parastatal have kept the report, which was compiled by audit firm Grant Thornton Zimbabwe, under wraps.

    The audit revealed senior managers systematically creamed off the road fund through allocating themselves huge, unapproved allowances and bonuses — which were, in some instances, paid several times in a year.

    The rot picked up by the auditors spanned seven years from the time Frank Chitukutuku was chief executive officer of the parastatal, until his resignation in 2016.

    The auditors accused Chitukutuku of presiding over unprocedural recruitments of senior staffers at Zinara, saying he routinely single-handedly hired senior staffers without following human resources stipulations.

    Zinara bosses also prejudiced Treasury of millions of dollars through tax evasion, the audit said. This comes as former acting chief executive Moses Juma was on Tuesday jailed for an effective two years for corruption at the Harare Magistrates Court. Juma was first arrested in 2016, but was released from police custody at the instigation of former vice-president Phelekezela Mphoko, who stormed a police station and demanded his release.

    The report in Zimbabwe Independent’s possession details systematic corruption at the state enterprise. Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza on Wednesday fired the 12-member Zinara board over, among other things, conniving with management to sweep the findings of the audit under the carpet.

    In a letter to Zinara board chair Wilfred Ramwi notifying him of government’s decision to fire the board, Matiza said: “I have noted with concern that, among other shortcomings, the board had failed to act on the findings of the forensic audit report; Zinara has serious corporate governance gaps both at board and senior management levels which have resulted in the organisation losing focus on its core mandate as provided in the Roads Act, which is exemplified by the focus on using financial instruments to fund Zinara projects instead of putting in place effective measures to maximise revenue.

    “The board’s lack of effectiveness cannot be condoned as it militates against the sector’s reconfiguration to the national economic and social turnaround strategies. To that end, your term of office as board member of Zinara is terminated with immediate effect.”
    The board, earlier in June this year, suspended (Zinara) chief executive Engineer Nancy Masiyiwa, accusing her of harassing senior staffers, including an allegation that she called one of the senior managers at the parastatal a “satanist”.
    Masiyiwa, through her lawyers, however, argues she is being persecuted for fighting corruption at the institution and demanding the release of the audit report.

    In an audit observation memo accompanying the report, which is dated December 2016, the auditors chastised management for consistently failing to justify its excessive outlays. It recommended immediate action, an obligation which it says management has failed over the years to do.

    The audit report accuses the previous Zinara board chair Albert Mugabe and Chitukutuku of milking the authority. Mugabe currently chairs the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe board.

    The audit found out that the Mugabe-led board was getting board fees without withholding tax deductions, thereby prejudicing the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) of large amounts of revenue. Board members also received allowances for attending meetings and workshops, for which they were not supposed to get such payments.

    “Zinara was paying board members allowances for attending other meetings such as functions, workshops or conferences using approved board sitting fee rates for the period January 2011 to February 2016,” points out the report said, adding that board members received board fees for attending an induction meeting in Victoria Falls on September 5, 2014.

    “Board members were given two allowances for the same day, one as board sitting fees and another as board induction allowance,” it says.

    Mugabe left the resort town US$600 richer, exclusive of other payments like board committee fees and fuel allowances, according to figures accompanying the report.

    The audit also found out that a payment of US$23 518 was made to a company called Solution Centre for the purchase of iPads for the 12 members of the board despite the fact that they were not part of their benefits according to government stipulations.

    In the same year, auditors discovered, board members received Christmas humpers worth US$10 000 in total. This was also not part of the stipulated benefits. The audit further found out that a tax assessment covering the years 2009 to 2015 was issued in relation to taxes which were being accrued by Zinara in contravention of the Income Tax Act. The assessment found out that employee allowances which were not being processed through the payroll amounted to US$2,2 million, taxes on suppliers which were not withheld and remitted to Zimra to the tune of US$15, 5 million and income and value added taxes totalling US$43 million.

    The report reveals that Zinara was operating without a human resources policy, exposing that its staff recruitment and upgrading system was open to manipulation by management.

    Capitalising on this loophole, the audit report says, Chitukutuku made himself the sole recruiter of senior staffers at Zinara. He interviewed staffers by himself.

    The audit found that, for instance, Chitukutuku individually interviewed Zinara director of operations Precious Murove and gave him the position of procurement officer despite the fact that he did not have suitable qualifications.

    “Mr P Murove joined Zinara in August 2009 as a procurement officer. Mr Frank Chitukutuku, the former CEO of Zinara was the only interviewer. Mr Murove’s qualifications at the time were; a certificate in stores and supplies management from the Airforce of Zimbabwe and a Diploma in Biblical studies from Africa Multination for Christ College. The certificates were not availed for inspection and there were no copies in his personal file,” the report says.

    Notwithstanding his lack of qualifications, Murove quickly rose through the Zinara hierarchy, earning a promotion as administration human resources manager within 12 months. Three years later, he became Zinara’s director of administration on the strength of a fraudulent qualification, the audit notes.

    “At the time of the promotion to the position of director of administration, Mr Murove had attained a diploma in business administration from Azaliah University in New Mexico (USA). A list released by the New Mexico Higher Education Department on their website dated June 2014 shows that Azaliah University was closed in June 2012,” the report notes.

    Chitukutuku also interviewed the now incarcerated Juma and gave him the position of planning and technical director.

    “The interviews were carried out by the CEO Mr Frank Chitukutuku as the only interviewer and there was no evidence of the involvement of the other personnel in the interview process,” the auditors said.

    Six other senior employees were recruited in the same manner. During his six year tenure as Zinara CEO, auditors further noted, Chitukutuku received huge allowances not provided for in his contract of employment.

    The allowances, which include a US$900 monthly housing allowance; a monthly representation allowance of US$450 and an inflated cell phone allowance of US$150 per month, against the US$120 stipulated in his contract of employment.

    A review of the payroll summaries by the investigators also showed that in some instances, top managers got annual bonuses twice per year.

    For instance, in 2012, eight senior managers cost Zinara US$79 200 in bonuses paid in October and November of that year, with Chitukutuku pocketing US$20 400 while others got US$4 200 each. The rest of employees did not get.

    The following year, the same group of managers received bonuses three times in March, July and November, costing Zinara US$113 494.”

  16. According to this article SADC have not given a report – if they have not they should have been the first to give it before the EU as they have been quoted that they are being measured by AU and SADC standards

    “OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has called for the international community to come to Zimbabwe’s rescue “and correct the election mischief” in the wake of a report by the European Union (EU) that claimed the July polls results could not be verified and that the vote did not meet international standards.


    Chamisa told NewsDay yesterday that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has squandered $5 billion since coming to power in November last year which he argued must be investigated by either a commission or Parliament.

    The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) announced Mnangagwa winner of the presidential election by 50,67% of the vote while Chamisa came second with 44,3%. The opposition leader challenged the result at the Constitutional Court but lost.

    The EU in its final report after observing the election said: “The final results announced by the electoral commission contained numerous errors and lacked adequate traceability, transparency and verifiability.”
    – Advertisement –

    “What is clear from the EU report is that it vindicates the people of Zimbabwe that the July election result announced by Zec did not have a source or base from which it was plucked.

    “That is what is meant by lacking traceability or lacking verifiability,” Chamisa said.

    Asked if he thought it was feasible for Sadc and the African Union to change their position on Zimbabwe on the basis of an EU decision, Chamisa pointed out that the regional and continental bodies had not released their final reports on the polls.

    “We have not seen the final Sadc report, but we are sure they noted some of the anomalies in Zimbabwe’s elections. We are now calling on the international community especially Sadc and the AU to remedy the Zec error and mischief associated with the election.

    “Sadc should underwrite Zimbabwe’s return to legitimacy. We need a broad-based national consensus to avert the collapse and economic meltdown. The situation is deteriorating, the humanitarian and economic crises are a manifestation of the political reality. The political situation in Zimbabwe is a big lie and the economy is a perfect indicator of the true situation,” Chamisa said.

    In its final report on the elections, the EU Observer Mission to Zimbabwe said Zec lacked the independence to run a credible election.”

  17. One thing SADC needs to remember it has to be there for the ORDINARy people when they need their assistance and that includes those working at the SADC headquarters need to be there for the ORDINARy people

  18. Global audience has had acccess to footage showing traders coming out at night on the street to sell their goods in the capital because the police are not patrolling and one trader says that they find goods in the shops very expensive and the title says it has become a country of “Vendors”
    one can just analyse that corruption is not being tackled correctly on the continent because those in power are not being arrested and assests frozen and monies returned to the coffers the Gupta Scenario in South Africa is a good example they should be returned to face the music, the other issues is the that positions are awarded to relatives which does not make it easy for corruption to be dealt with.

  19. This is the latest article on the Drug shortage whereby the ordinary man in the street cannot afford treatment outside but the people at the top get treatment outside which is wrong
    One would think the SADC region would come to the assistance of the ORDINARY people but it seems they are only there for those at the TOP who can seek treatment elsewhere

    “Dire drugs shortage in Zimbabwe leaves two top state officials seeking treatment in SA
    Vice-president Constantino Chiwenga and foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo are both former army generals

    Zimbabwe’s vice-president and foreign affairs minister, who have been reported to be seriously ill, are receiving treatment in SA as their country’s crippled health sector is facing a critical shortage of medicine.

    Vice-president Constantino Chiwenga and foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo are both former army generals who were promoted to the top government posts after playing crucial roles in last November’s “soft coup” that led to the ousting of Robert Mugabe.

    They have both been tipped as next in line to succeed President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

    Government officials in Harare spoke out on Chiwenga and Moyo’s health after speculation that they had died. Spokesperson George Charamba told journalists in Harare at the weekend that Chiwenga was in Pretoria.

    “So he [Chiwenga] flew out last Tuesday alongside his wife who was also due for a review in SA, where they then went for medical checks.”

    Charamba said Chiwenga was also receiving treatment for injuries sustained during a bomb attack in Bulawayo in an assassination attempt on Mnangagwa in June.

    Moyo was also reported to have been admitted to a Pretoria hospital. There were no specific details on the primary ailments of Chiwenga and Moyo.

    The trips to SA come as the plight of ordinary citizens in need of healthcare has taken a turn for the worse in Zimbabwe. Drugs for treating chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes have disappeared from pharmacies. Some pharmacies have closed while most of those open are refusing to accept the local bond note currency.

    The country’s minister of health and child care, Dr Obediah Moyo, confirmed the crisis, saying the government had managed to secure only $7m of the $29m required for importation of drugs.

    A Cholera crisis that had appeared to be subsiding last week, claimed five lives in rural Buhera, bringing the death toll from the disease to 54. About 10,000 people have also been treated for the disease, which broke out soon after the country’s July 30 elections.

    Zimbabwe’s high-ranking officials are known for seeking treatment abroad and Mugabe was notorious for regularly flying to Singapore for basic health services because the country’s hospitals are in a dilapidated “

  20. When ordinary people want anything outside they cannot get inside, they are faced with issues at BORDER POSTS and they have to have the correct documentation with them to prove and the TOP ROT are whisked away.

    It would be interesting how much it is costing them PER DAY to have medical treatment while the ORDINARY CITIZENS CANNOT ACCESS THE TREATMENT THE RICH AND POWERFUL ARE HAVING