'Dololo' Beef
Vee Mampeezy

There is a fight brewing between local veteran artist Vee Mampeezy and P-Mag – you remember P-Mag from back in the day?

The two artists have both released singles called ‘Dololo’.

Whilst the P-Mag camp insist they released the song first, it was not until Vee – who is also prophet – released the song that music lovers went with the craze.

Shaya listened to both singles and, whilst there are a few similarities, I have to side with Vee on this one, his has more rhythm.

Unfortunately you will have to sit back this time P-Mag; I’m not saying yours is bad or anything but Vee’s caught the spark before yours.

Anyway, I’m sure you two will be able to squash the beef, after all, it’s worth dololo!

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