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Doing it for the arts

P3 million to be spent on multipurpose hall in Monarch

Doing it for the arts
ARTS FAN: Moswaane

Leadership in the Francistown West constituency have agreed to set aside at least P3 mullion out of the P10 million Constituency Development Fund to build a multipurpose hall in Monarch.

Francistown West Member of Parliament (MP) Ignatius Moswaane made the announcement recently on the sidelines of the launch of Extravaganza Golden Night to be held on September 7.

The Golden Night is organised by Sesana Arts Agency in partnership with acapella group, Ultra-Chord of Melodies (UCM) Acapella Band to raise funds for a project aimed at educating and empowering students about sexual and health reproduction.

Moswaane stressed he was desperate to see the Arts growing in Botswana. The MP noted there is great potential in the country’s arts industry but that many do not take it seriously.

“At Monarch, we do value Arts a lot. It is against this backdrop that we have set aside P3 million to build a multipurpose hall in Monarch, as we seek to transform the location into a community that many would envy,” he said.

Over the years Monarch has gained a reputation as a refuge for gangs and thieves

However, Moswaane stressed he was working round the clock to ensure the location’s association with criminal activities soon becomes a thing of the past.

“Most youths are involved in criminality because of lack of recreational facilities in the community. There are no places where the youths can meet and exchange ideas hence the idea to build a multipurpose hall,” he explained adding the untapped talent lying idle in the location will be developed and nurtured in order for the youth to earn a living out of it.

According to Moswaane, construction of the project is expected to start ‘sooner rather than later’ although he did not specify an exact date.