UNWANTED: Donald Wells

Deported American doctor insists the Botswana government abused him
BOTSWANA government may soon find itself engaging in an unfriendly dialogue with the United States of America government over the alleged abuse of an American doctor who was deported from the country late last year.
Dr Donald Wells (66) who was declared a Prohibited Immigrant claims his rights were violated when he was thrown into a maximum prison, deported without a reason and without the P468 000 which he is being owed by the Botswana Health Professionals Council. Dr Wells came to Botswana in 2002 and had been working as a private doctor till October 2009 when he joined Bokamoso Private Hospital.
“I have a letter pending with the President of the United States about my ill-treatment in Botswana. My rights were violated and I need my compensation,’’ said Dr Wells in an interview with The Voice last week. Dr Wells was notifi ed of the cancellation of his residence permit on December 3 last year. No reasons were given. He appealed to the High Court, which ordered him to stay in the country until his case could be heard in February. Two days before Christmas, he said, he was arrested at his house in Francistown and thrown into prison.
Wells alleged that prison offi cials refused to allow his wife to bring him any food for his diabetes and refused him treatment for bronchitis. He was then sent back to his country on December 30.
However, Dr Wells suspects all this was because of a High Court case, which he won against the Botswana Health Professionals Council in 2009. “In 2006, I went to renew my registration as a doctor, only to be told I was being suspended because of pending investigations,’’ he said.
BHPC was questioning the authenticity of his medical qualifi cations. After three years of legal battles, the high court, on June 12, 2009 reinstated him, ordering the medical council to pay his back pay and costs totaling P468 000.
“I never got a cent of that money, Botswana owes me and I need that money so I can get on with my life,’’ he said. BHPC was yet to respond to questions on the matter at the time of going to press.
President Khama’s spokesman Sipho Madisa also confi rmed the deportation but referred all questions to the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs while a public relations offi cer in the ministry, Irene Ikutlweng, referred the questions back to the Office of the President. Public Affairs officer at the US embassy, Dan Saint-Rossy revealed that they were in contact with Dr Wells and continued to make appropriate inquiries on his behalf though he said they were not yet aware of his letter pending with their resident.
Meanwhile, Dr Wells’ wife, Rebolokeng Mackenzie-Wells (41), says the deportation of her husband is taking a toll on her as she lost a breadwinner.
“We got married in 2004 and after that I quit work to pursue my studies. He was paying for my education and all the expenses including rent and utilities and now I am struggling to pay for all these things as I am not working,’’ she said.
She said what is also disheartening is that her husband would never set foot in her home country again. The two last met in Zambia in February this year.


  1. uhu..go bolellwa ruri gotwe ngaka ga e nke e ikalafa..o bolawa ke bo diabetes ka ha o ngaka..ayeee man!

  2. Botswana needs to wake up as we are an easy target for doctors with questionable status and qualifications! We are used as guinea pigs by many bogus doctors or those with faked qualifications, or those inflating their qualifications beyond their true level! Those signing these people to work in our country need to do their job for the sake of our people and put in place sound and well enforced regulatory measures! Princess Marina too is becoming a pathetic joke of a hospital! So poor doctors are not just in private practice, they are in public service too!

  3. Nna kana o fitlhele ke ipotsa gore gatwe batho ba lelelang gotwe ba boele ga bone. Fa e le gore ga re sa tlhole re tlhoka thuso ya gago se e re pateletse. Botswana ke target ya what are called “quacks” because ga ba dumele in locals so ba a selasela le mo ba sa itseng gore gatwe ke eng. Le lona bana ba Batswana fa lo sena go ya sekolong ka makgetho a rona le a borraarona ga lo boele gae go tla go re thusa ntwa e. Yo mosadi yo e le gore ene ke eng a sa tsamae le monna wa gagwe fa e le gore o mo tlhoka thata.

  4. Leemo o tsaa dilo mothofo waitse.O ka thokang jang motho e le monnawa gago.A ko le nne le bua sengwe se se utwalang,,its crystal clear through the whole story gore the doc is innocent becos theres nothing brought before to prove his fault/wrongness or watevr and consequently this matter is affecting an innocent lady whose left in the middle of nowhere ao.

  5. Guys, this is sad…kante why are these people being deported without any reasons being given? Atleast why not lie or come up with a reason? This is inhumanity! Our government must open up. The same applies to people being hanged. I think families should be told, not to break their hearts just like that. Is it too difficult to open up? I do support such actions as deportations but the proccess must be clear and transparent. we cant afford to live with Terrorists but if we are going to be deporting people and not giving reasons, that is very dangerous! Kenneth Good was an innocent man who only wrote the truth and he was deported! then the reason was that he wrote an article in the internet supporting Basarwa and Survival International, then Basarwa won their case! This is bad and if this government is going to bully people, we will vote BMD next time! They are behaving like Demi-gods.

  6. its good let them be deported gabare deprta kobo usa le uk they have no mercy so why shud we feel for them,as for d doctors wife my heart goes out for u the only thing is follow him to the US kana ba gana go go fa dipampiri they are good like that

  7. Alpa-yo, ga ke tsee dilo motlhofo. Ke lebeletse mabaka a le wena o a itseng. Monna fa a nyala mosadi ga a mo nyalele gore a ye go nna kwa gaabo mosadi. Ke eng fa batho ba le concerned ka gore gatwe monna a ye kwa ga bone so mosadi wa gagwe o stranded.Jang tota ka gore lenyalo le fa e le gore le ka fa molaong ga go na bothata bope fa mosadi a ya go nna kwa a nyetsweng teng. Why lo sa e lebe from the other side gore US e letlele mosadi go ya go nna le monna wa gagwe teng ka mo Botswana ga a batliwe. Batho ba tshwanetse ba lebelela mabaka and not let their stance on the government influence their thinking. Don’t judge innocence by what is written on the newspaper try to get to the gist of the matter and do research before you declare someone innocent.If this man is a renown physician I don’t see why leaving Botswana is a big deal mo go ene because he is eligible for work anywhere in the world.

  8. people are taking advantage ka go bo re le batho ba kagiso.let them be deported, one president once said “we don’t need soldiers to control colera, we need doctors not soldiers, we have enough of our own.actual the guy was telling the truth. most of the doctors in our country employed by the government ba freelensa ba theogela ba ratile they don’t respect time, they don’t care ka botsogo jwa rona and they are all over our country ba ja lidi la pula sesolo example the CMO wa kasane P hospital useless in my opinion, they keep patients long time ba bona gore the situation ya molwetsi ke e e batlang advanced medical attention instead of transfering molwetsi ba mo keepa until its late to reactify se se neng se ka baakangwa. it happened to me.

  9. in million times i never thought people will just incourage situation like this one…this is very wrong.since lere re batho ba kagiso e dirisetswe ha kae kagiso?what was the main reason for him to go back??he was working and also bear in mind he was married to a Motswana woman who is now not going to realise her dreams as she is struggling to pay bills and more imprtant to pay her school fees.it will be great since you are saying we are people of peace to tell us gore how many people had been killed and no answer are been mistreated and still no answer….evrything in this world always have a reason why is like that regardless of how rediculous might be…..WHAT WAS THE MAIN REASON HE WAS SENT HOME???FORGET ABOUT KGANG YA MONNA HA A NYALA MOSADI GA A MONYALELE GORE AYE GO NNA KWA GA BO MOSADI OR WHY CAN’T HE GO BACK TO HIS OWN COUNTRY….WE ARE AFTER THE RIGHT THING BEEN DONE HOW IS SUPPOSE TO BE DONE…

  10. I gez u foreigners should go work at ur home place le togele go re tsenya dingalo marrying smbdy mo botswana dusnt min u r a motswana u stl a foreigner. I just thnk gore batswana should be employed after completing their degrees and wtsoevr wn u invite ppl 4rm outside whr shud we go rona?? pls thnk twice b4 u act!

  11. batho ba rata go ya bokgwelwa k ba rata go dira jalo mme ba bolawa ke tlala ko ba keng teng………..go raamotho banna aaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!

  12. Fa gotwe boela gae ke gore ba lemogile fa o sena mosola mo Botswana” o ska re tlhowa phutha merwalo o vaye”

  13. Doctor vaa ga re sa tlhoka thuso ya gago.A o tsile o kobilwe kwa ga lona.Don t cry go and see your mama, grandfather and work ko masimo o alafe dikgomo

  14. Batswana. lesang go itshunya nko mo dilong tse losa di itseng, ga ke gane ga re rate goromente wa rona mme a re se ganeleng dilo tse re sa diitseng. mogang lo lemogang manweenwee go tlaabo go le late. batho ba tla mo ga rona ka mmetela ba bangwe ba re ke baruti batla go re utswela madi mme re ba setse morago re sa itse mekgwa ya bone a ko re nne re lebelela batho pele ga re ineela mo go bone, basadi ba Botswana lo a sela sela ebile lo tla re bakela mathata, go rate nyalo ga rona go ile masweng mo o bonang motho a ineela sekoutla fela a re ke monna gotswa foo are re amogele fela le dikebekwa tota, nnyaa ke a gana.

  15. well ke dumalana le kgang ya gore a go dirwe sentle, lekgowa le deportiwe sentle. may be there is something that this guy is not telling us, tswa ka tsone ngaka, mme fela mosadi boela kwa ga bo monna le ye go tshela sentle koo. botswana is one of the poorest countries and le ka bona botshelo ko mafatshe.nnya ke gore fela rona ba bangwe re tshaba go bua, basadi kana ke di opportunist. ga ba batle go nna le banna ba kwa ga bone, ba ba gogela mo lefatsheng la bone gore ba tle ba je di benefits tsa bone ba sule.

  16. @manman o bua nnete laiti yaaka, a re tsweng mo dilong tse re sa di itseng, sengwe se teng sone. hei batho ba bo mme ba lefatshe le ga o kake wa bona motho a nyetswe ke lekgowa la age mate ya gagwe. ba a balwa ba ba nyetsweng ke ba ba lekanang le bone. madi,kea tshaba. o tlaa bona a nyetswe ke lekgoa le le mo fetang ka over 20 yrs, why? gore le swe a bo a sala a ja madi a spoko. first month o reka mecedez a bo a dater le 14.. ke dilo tse re tlholang re di bona. shame.

  17. Ke itsapile go bala story sa,ke historynyana. A mme ba bronchitis le diabetes o ne a ba thusa or o ne a ba dira clone ya gagwe? fela,he has the case and the govt’s gonna be in shit somehow.

  18. Normally i do not like to comment on issues tsa motho a kobiwa mo lefatsheng o bo go twe a seke a tlhola a boela(PI), because i do not have the facts that can make me take the right decision, nor do i think commentators here do. Those who feel for the woman and say we should not judge Govi harshly ke dumelana le bona. Ga re itse mabaka gongwe le mmega dikgang got the facts wrong.
    Kana fa o bala dikoranta tsa Botswana o ka tshaba go boela gae but if you meet People from back home they say it is more or less the same as always, politics aside. Re kopa nnete barena, plis ka tswee tswee. Someone in the previous comments lamented the fact that People are sent abroad with taxpayers money but some opt to stay on abroad. Thats true and it is becoming worse. I know some Batswana students who of late say they are not going back home. Some did go back home but ebile ke bona ba boetse mo mafatsheng ebile ba nyala makgowa ba tsaya di citizenship. Some ke utlwile botlhoko becoz they could have contributed a lot to the development of the country, and government is powerless to do anything against some of them becoz they were self sponsored students(ba itsentse sekolo). They site issues like;
    -Underpay or lowpay especially engineers, medical and other highly specialised fields
    -Lack or limited employment opportunities.
    -Conditions of service, some stories which have been denied say batho ba kobiwa hela without benefits. You never get to apply what you learnt,..etc…
    Di dintsi di stori. Anyway i would like to encourage Batswana students to go back home and develop their country. That said ke kopa go re our government should revise citizenship laws ka ke utlwa go twe you should have stayed in Bots for bo 14 years to qualify to become a citizen(don’t know if it is true). If it is true a re chengcheng becoz most developed countries, if you have a skill se ba tlhokanang le sone they recruit you. The private companies tsa 1st world countries fa o re i signed a contract with my government to go back work for them, they say no worries we will pay the money we want you. The moment you marry a woman in this countries you are granted citizenship. For example look how teams have players of African descent but ko Botswana i once heard bo Themba Lunga(of BDF XI fame) wanted citizenship and they were denied. Let us recruit foreigners who can benefit us.

  19. Ke setse sengwenyana:

    I think it should be revised or special provisions added to it, though i admit it is a lengthy document and i have not gone through it all.

  20. Ke setse sengwenyana. I tried to copy and paste but the copied part disappears when i post to this blog, commentry section. Ya for naturalisation you need to have stayed in Bots for total 10 of 12 years immidiately preceding application.
    I think it should be revised or special provisions added to it, though i admit it is a lengthy document and i did not go through it all.

  21. Lefatshe le tlhe le senyegile ko gore le kgona go amogela motho wa modimo ka fa molaong gore a tle go berekela kwano ere ba sena go mo dirisa a bo ba mokoba le gone go sena le baka e bile ba mo kolota. Lekgotla ke kopa lo akanyetseng batswana ba ba ko mafatsheng a bone a le bone ba ba dire jalo

  22. The issue here why is our Govt employing more foreigners??If it’s coz of their high qulifications then why doesn’t Govt train Batswana with the money it is going to pay as salary to these foreigners(ka na baduelwa salary tse di ko go dimo plus this other thing they call Expatriate Allowance).

    See this guy is being owed P468 000 madi a thusang go duelele motswana mongwe ko sekolong to obtain thutego ya Rre Wells. Govt should change bonding regulations fa motswana a isiwa sekolong ke puso….it should be a criminal offence not to honour the bond and furthermore there should be no provision to refund the costs of training(work for your country or be sent to prison e seng gore ntsha madi coz thutego will go with the person re bo re sala re sena sepe, a drawback…..)

  23. Jomo look here, as much as it is disappointing for me too, i do not think that is the solution. It will tarnish the image of our government internationally, gape batho ba ka tsamaya le go fitisa. I mean fa motho a ile USA then he decides not to go back, do you think the USA gov will listen to Bots gov to send that person to prison especially if they have not broken any USA law. I do not think so.
    In the past a vast majority of Batswana Students used to go back home. Why now they are increasingly opting to stay overseas and work. There are many opportunities for everyone and the world has become small jaaka o bona Rre yo wa mo America go lebega a ne a batla go nna ko Bots. Nowadays you attract people and keep them through genuine promises, compassion, loving kindness, stealth of manouvre, Strong leadership characterised by integrity not threatening them, ba itsamaela kana gape the youth of today are fierce(ga ba tshaba sepe)

  24. am sure there are hidden issues behind his deportation, he must have done some thing worth PI. Tota mme all doctors want to work in USA because they get paid well, why would’nt e want to go live good there and take his wife with him, akere ne basadi ba hudugela ko ga bo matsale after lenyalo.

  25. Nnyaa mosi ga o nke o kuwa go sena molelo.Seteng. Reutlwa side e le nngwe ya setori se.Emang pele Khama o tlaa buwa.

  26. I posted this comment on this man on the gazette online a couple of weeks ago.

    Batswana should stay vigilant and realise that for every good doctor, accountant, consultant that comes through our borders there are multitude bogus, struck off and disqualified individuals who fled their countries because there there are in place mechanisms to sniff them out and keep them away. So we should commend our authourities for spotting this one. We all understand why reasons are not given, that will put at risk sources.
    I have done my own investigations, “Dr Wells'” name just on google returns articles like these

    Qoute from that page
    ” ..the the same hotel in Hobart was Donald Milton Wells, recruited by River Medical from Texas and destined for King Island. This time the MCT’s registrar, Annette McLean–Aherne, was present at the interview. She told Wells: “These documents” – from the Texas State Medical Board – “are fraudulent.” She had looked online and found that his licence number belonged to a doctor born in 1965, whereas Wells was born in 1943. The font used on his medical degree was the same as on his intern document, right down to the identical typographic flaws, and he had over-signed the signature on his passport. “He was a fraud from go to whoa!” As was Dr Mohammed Yah Ya Khan, employed by River Medical in April 2000 to practise in St Helen’s on Tasmania’s east coast. Khan, a bogus doctor from Pakistan, lasted in his position exactly four hours…”


  27. fake Doctors are killing our nation.every weekend someone has to be buried coz of misdiagnosis.if he’s not qualified show him/her the door.dont know why he’s complaining coz thats exactly how they deport in their country.without questioning

  28. one has to wonder why are these so called doctors come to botswana after they retire from their former countries…then botswana pay them thousands of pulas for what kind of service???kante nnna mo Botswana batho ba ba letlelwang go retire ke batswana fela all these foreign doctors are come to botswana when they are beyond retirement age and we still hire them..whats up with that???? And it only happens in Botswana….

  29. aeeee…..a ko a innele hela ko gae”’le lona batswana a ko le mo neeleng matsananyana ao a gagwe,o kare o ta re tsenya letsatsi le matho a batho mothika yo!LEENE O SALE A TSILE’KE NAKO YAANONG YA GORE A YE GO NNA LE BA MASIKA LE DITSALA KO GABONE KWA……

  30. Dumelang bo mma le bo rra.

    Every one of you here is talking politics! I am not surprised because that the problem that we are having in Botswana nowadays. We can’t come up with one thing and I agree on one thing…Why do you think we have BDP, BMD, BCP, BNF, etc not a democracy country? Okay…
    The Dr has faced deportation with Bots gov’t…to end up deporting someone you must have taken all the necessary requirements, looked at the law over and over before you can make that decision right! In other words there have to be a reason why to deport someone? He could be a criminal, or forged his visa or done something illegal. The case itself it doesn’t say much about the Dr’s wrong-doing. Please let not quickly point the finger at the Dr because there is no much information about this case. You shouldn’t accept as gospel everything you read in the news paper. Otherwise we are going to end up forming new parties again. Let’s stand up as one team because we are Batswana and we know what right and wrong. Ubuntu! I feel the Dr’s wife, I hope they do meet again and live as husband and wife. People; foreigners I like you and I. We are all human beings. Let’s not forget how many Batswana who are, moving overseas or trying to live overseas for greener pastures? Of course there is no mother or father or sister or brother will be happy to hear that his or her son is being treated badly overseas because he is a foreigner. Please lets be ourselves and let other countries learn from us- how good we are, and, I tell you now, they will never stop praising us. God Bless Botswana.

  31. Totini why dont u refer to Motswnas comment. if we look at hospital cases that we have got now, u will notice that there is something wrong. engineering wise technology is advancing very fast(i think an ordinary person should understand this) but medical wise it’s looks like it is going backwards its only the machines that are advanced (because of engineering). so these medical machines need more brains which can run them or utilise them to the fullest not bo Dr Donald Wells. we need proper and advanced doctors who can utilise these advanced machines and deliver. remember technology is changing everyday to improve life but if we dont have brains to cope up with this, then we wont benefit from the technology that engineering has put in the machines. Useless doctors like this guy are plenty here in Botswana government hospitals. We just need to carry out a clean up campaign and deport more, taking it as a matter of urgency otherwise we are going to be finish and our population will not grow. We need to start with doctors before we can go far. We cannot develop the country at the same time dying like that

  32. All of us are concerned when it comes fake health practitioners,but in the case of Dr.Donald Wells,the court ruled that he was authentic and practiced within the codes of conduct laid down in Botswana.I want to ask Chris M whether he is in conflict with the Justice system of Botswana or he would be guilty of contempt of court. Ke ele fa o ka etela mafatshe gore o ithute go le go ntsi go re go tle go nne le pharaloganyo mo go se o se akgelang.

  33. nna i don’t get it waitse?this foreign gys they marry batswana then ba batla go nna kwano.akere ga o nyalwa wa kwa bo monna.nna o kereya ke sa tlhaloganye ba ba nyalwang ke batswakwa,ene ba tle ba nna mo be be ba tsaya citizenshiip.ako baye kwa bo tuuuuu!!!!!!!

  34. Mobalabadi ( Like you name You talk too much) but you lack understanding of real issues,we live in global village. Even Batswana Men do marry foreign women.There are no marriage restrictions in any modern state today. what if that could have happened to your daughter or close relative , Is that all you have to say? Think twice not only to yourself. ke go utlwela botlhoko, ke eletsa gore se seka sa go dira ga lela.

  35. a e yeee le lekgoa le.ba sale ba re jele go ntse go lekane.ke leng ba sa bolo go re tshwenya mo Africa ba akanya gore re robetse…??ke raya fela,ba jele ba kgotse so a ba re tlogele in peace not in pieces plis tuuuu!!tsamayang le boele ko magalona re sale re itshokolela re tla le bitsa ha re palelwa.Batswana ba ba supportang rre yoo wa lentariana ke ba ba rileng????a ga le lapisiwe ke go bewa bubi matlhong???nako tse dingwe gare re gagamatse molao re lebale ka tse dingwe cz pips take advantage of us being lenient & stuff.the next thing they tarnish our name.nna kare lentariana leo le jelwe ha ele sengwe so a iketlele lefatshe la rona le re le ratang thata.ha gona le mathata ke a rona mo gae so ba tswe mo go tsone.o bakile rre ke wena wa ngaka!!!

  36. Dr. Wells has a big mouth and I know for sure that he is not a qualified doctor. He is one of those well read ambulance chasers who came into Botswana when we did not know better. I was in the room whe Dr Moffat made a comment the statemant this guy made in 2003. He claimed to have more experience of our system than the people who started the system long time back. The next thing I know he was fired and now I see that he stooped so low as to mary a motswana woman just to stay here. He is not a doctor. He is lying. Infact he should just take all his things and leave the country, before the lady finds out more truthI believe we have so many such americans in our country who think being fluent in english qualifies them for any field they want.
    Buzz off Wells. Obama wont do anything to our Khama. He speaks no african language, so he is as fake as youy are.
    Forget it. You owe us.

  37. I pity people like Odense who are casualities in our communities.Your Botswana and your kharma are not an Island.We live in a community of nations and Botswana is a signatory to so many UNITED NATIONS protocols,and conventions on human rights and many more.I wonder if you are schooled enough to understand these things.People like you are an embarassment to our beloved country.A true Motswana respects the law irrespective of who you are and where you come from.

  38. this is Botswana, fa go na le mhero mo tshimong, re a o tlhagola.period. ga re batle bo ‘dr-death’ fa.

  39. To Unis.
    Well, maybe we should’nt have signed all those stupid conventios and UN protocols before we read exactly what their implications are. And because of the weakness in our system, are you saying now we deserve to let fake foreign doctors from the global village to flood our small country? I respect the law and I work well with everybody, but I don’t take kindly to dishonest people. Since this man has been exposed as a fake doctor, what do you think that says about all the American doctors we have doing research on our patients in Botswana? It says we should not believe anything they have to say. We should be more careful who we let in to practise.
    Look, you will probably never be as educated as I am. Just because you happen to use all your time reading about all the trash the UN and US are doing does not make you a clever person than those who don’t.
    SO let us stop sympathizing with evil doers just because they are american.

  40. Mma Wells, ka wena kgaitsadi o itse sentle gore there’s no one over-goromente wa rona wa malatsi ano ke eng one o sa gakolole ‘motho wa pelo ya gago gore kano ga go dirwe jalo’ kana ha ole ko Roma o dira jaaka Maroma a dira. Goromete has his way-out you do not take him to court. Le ha court ere o mohenyi o itse hela gore re to sala morago go hithelele re gore XWEE. then deport you!!!!!! Ijo ke toga ke nna le mathata gotwe ke ene ke go gakolola!!!!!!!!!

  41. Well Odense,we are not arguing here about qualification.Having loads of qualification doesnt make you educated.If you UN conventions are stupid to you,then you live in your own world without any UN.Moreover what was the court ruling in Dr.Wells case?Have you ascertained the facts and circumstances leading to his deportation?That is what so called educated man like you should do instead of flashing misguided opinions.

  42. The court erred. It was acting on insufficient information and more information from BHPC has since surfaced which proves that this individual has been practising medicine based on false qualifications. That is fraud and the government of Botswana does not allow fraudulent expatriates to live in the country. In the long run ‘Dr’. Wells is a dangerous immigrant and that’s why he has to go. If he were to stay any longer he faces long time in prison and that will be even more costly for us.If you are taking his side, then I am sorry to say that you are acting like the apologetic casualties of these fake expatriates.

  43. gongwe lona lo feletse gone ga lona mo Botswana mo….so pliz buisang ba tswa kwa sentle coz they came here 4 greener pastures….like now nna am working abroad and those people ba ntshwara sentle thata…so le tla re senyeletsa borra le bomma…loa itse gore pbotswana ga go duelwe le tsone ditiro ga dio…

  44. Le ntse le gamoga metsi mo thogong Batswana. I like that.

    Cons? Botswana Health Professionals Council and other bodies (in military,land tenure, health,engineering,conservation,foreign direct investment)are incapicitated and have a lot of loopholes. This reflects our vulnerability as a nation

    Pros? We are slowly ‘waking’ up. Formation of special units like DIS, registering of sim cards,ratifying international treaties etc accelerates our capacity to detect, monitor, implement etc whatever

    Lesson? Not everyone is acting in your best interests all the time.

  45. go na le lebaka la gore ke eng a kobiwa, nnete ke gore office ya ga tautona ga e pateletswe go le bua. Nte monna a tsamaye, there r so many doctors mo botswana mo eleng gore fa a ne a iphetlhelwa go ne go ka iphetlhelwa ba bantsi. Peeps lets appreciate go tla ga ga khama coz go upolola dilo tse di ntseng di iphitlhile eg corruption ya debswana,ditsha tsa ftown, dingaka tse di senang dipampiri etc.

  46. Aa!! we tired of this, kante ditlhopho di tla leng?!!!. Doctors dia shorta mo Bots mare bona gore batho ba ba sa tsenang sekolo ba dira jang,

  47. Dr wells tota gatwe o a bo a rilen , a dipampiri mme tsone ona le tsone(qualifications). batswakwa ba tlaa re losa ha re sa ikele tlhoko.

  48. Botswana should learn to treat people from the outside well becouse as Botswana we can not do on own.
    we need people like Dr wells…….

  49. ke dumalana nao Moses, kgotsa maphepha ke issue, gake batshephe morahe oo. O tla tswa jaaka a tsene gago ingwaelwe matsetse mo botswana

  50. Botswana is treating foreigners like they are nothing. A time will come when they will look for them but will never find them. Professor Good is getting paid soon and Dr. Wells will also get paid and the citizens of Botswana will know how their leader’s are wasting the state resources because of inferiority complex. At the end of the day, I will also come for mine, in my own way.

  51. tota rona re lapile ka ba tswa kwa..kante go ka nna jang ha go ka tsewa batswana ya nna dingaka… mathata ha ba tswa ko ga bone ba feta ba e telela batswabna pele. mme gote sepa legolo la moeng la mong gae pipitlwe… why goromente wa rona a sa traine Drs for specialities. a tlogele gore re bakela megogoduma.

  52. Hello! this is the beginning. all educated individuals are not needed there. Regardless you are a tswana or a foreigner. I am higly educated, I am a qualified international teacher and a qualified Approved SW with Masters. If you were to take foreigners out, start with those who are stuck at the University of Botswana with an outdated qualifications. We are in a different century and we live in different world. I have tried very hard to come back to my coutry and there is no hope for us. The doors are completely closed for higly educated batswana and I really, really, really feel very sorry for the doctor. We need batswana to take over. Let them move, more especially this guys, bo rantshonyane ba di forenara. ke nako ya gore ba re sutele, lefatshe ke la rona.

  53. Go bua nnete ke belaela ene Dr Wells a dirile our gov is always careful wen taking decision.The truth is Dr Wells i advc u talk to some1 who can help u. BUT remember everything is done with a purpose.Gdlyk

  54. le a bona jaanong gore re busiwa ke maburu….
    this is a terrible mistake not a mistake but a foul bots has ever done,,le itseng ka go puso tota leburu le..

    come ditlhopho

  55. ke rata batho ba ba buang jaaka wena Becky. a ba le sutela bo ra maphepha, bana ba botswana are stuck outside botswana coz of people who are producing fake papers. nnyaa ba bangwe ba buisiwa fela ke bo bitter mme tota ga gona gore re ka ba thusa ka eng tota. sorry guys.

  56. ke mathata,leburu le kelemile lare le ya go bolelela Obama.get the hell off we have batswana students trained to be doctors ebile le re thaetsa ditiro.

  57. Go mo go tsofetse mo ako go tsamaye go re kobela better Dr to come this side legone o lelela matsana a mme you guz hv checked his papers o phinya a sule ke a mmona seso seeee. Ga a nale mathata mo reeng ate go mmpona alese makgakga a dirang wa twela.

  58. The government z a problem waitse. Hw can thy chase away educated foreigners ba tlogela bomaid ba diforeigner? Botswana z stij ba palelwa ke go isa bana further studies gore le rona re nne proud of ourselves ka thutego ya rona go tla a bo go ntse gotwe ga gona madi. Foreighers ar okay in our country since they ar educating us also ie, schools,hospitals,mines,

  59. The government z a problem waitse. Hw can thy chase away educated foreigners ba tlogela bomaid ba diforeigner? Botswana z stij ba palelwa ke go isa bana further studies gore le rona re nne proud of ourselves ka thutego ya rona go tla a bo go ntse gotwe ga gona madi. Foreighers ar okay in our country since they ar educating us also ie, schools,hospitals,mines,etc u wil find a foreigner who give quality education compared to educated batswana.

  60. Ba mo dirile sentle… dilotse dia tena tse. His government is blowing up other countries without reason and sending people to Guantanamo Bay prisons kwaa. wen they do s**t is okay, wen u do onto them their evils they cry!mxm

  61. wena o dumalanang le Dr Wel oka twsa ole lelope evn le fa aka duelwa he cnt gve a single thebe bt wena omo setse morago osa mo thaloganye

  62. kgangkgolo ke gore nowadys go kobiwa kobiwa fela. wherether o motswana or foreigner so nna i blame govy sumhow. puso e ntsha e ga se yone sentle.

  63. a tsamaele kong obama ene ele soo mmamang.Sometimes le rona re rata go kgala govie le faa dirile sentle,mafatse a tssa ditshetso but we never ask why.Gompieno if u ask Dr wells gore ka ene ebile o kgona go tsaya dikgang le obama ago boletse obama why ba tlhasetse ko iraq u wont get the answer,the truth is saddam o ne a conteinne iraq through kgatello yone eo but it was working for them,so amerika yone e batla go distabilaesa ma arabia ene ba kgonne,jaanong rona gare batle rubbish mo garona,a tsamaele kong,yoosetseng wa seeleele faa sa batle tiro a itsenya sekolo o tlaa ipona

  64. aa maragana teng a maburu ampa gaatsenwe.koore this guys messing up our country now he is bringing up foreign issues to us now.ako le mpoletseng gore one a ile go dirang ko cuba baba itseng gatwe one a ile go ikoketsa dithuto tsa dictatorship.ako lentsheng leburu lena mo setilong gore re bone gore ao taa tswelela a ora melelo.akoo nthee ore lekgowa la modimo le mo threatena kaeng aa

  65. i fil yah Doc,u went thru a lot!the gov ddn’v the ryt to trit u lik they dd!hopefully,they’l come bac to their senss n gv u wat u dsrv!ska wara chelete e tla goroga!

  66. Gatwe o losifa kapo gatwe lucifer? How can you say such an abusive words by saying Khama is god? Yes maybe you are rite, he is a god for madomkrag because setlhako go utlwiwa sa gagwe ko domkrag.Gago pale sepe gore mang kapo mang oka ikuela kgatlhanong le rre yoo o reng ke modimo wa lon oo, lega ele wena, mme legale ka ole latswa thipa losifa, go tlaa pala. No prblm about doctor go ikuela aginst your god to the REAL GOD.

  67. may GOD BLESS YOU! you who is calling khama go.may Heavenly father bless you and guide you to His blessing and His knowledge.


  68. Nte ne ba utwee batswana, mo2 yo na ntse a batiwa ko gabone, khama o dirile sente a depota sekwejani seo… a tsamaye o heditse madi a botswana, nxhaaa…! Na kee ne sa ipotji hore kee bata mo botswana ba setse ba tsohetse, ke bone ba ba re tesetsaa bo shwani flu (H1N1)… gompeno ke utwa makoba a haetju bare ba kentelwa jone bolwetji jo. Boo-munee, neelaa’ morwa yo madinyana a gagwe a tsamaye. nna ke khungaretse gone mo gabone o tata a mphethela, ne mu neeletse hoo..

  69. e le gore Obama e ne e le eng ga se sepe fela ele gore Dr wells o tseela gore ke selo ma mang e ka seke ere mogae a kobile bo Profecer keneth good dr wells e tla bo e leng eng ka ke thala fela e e batlang go fagolwa

  70. ha.. ha… ha.he he he, akaki!!gbzee wa bua tota, morwa yo ke mogombe tota,oa poka, a ba mo neele matsana a ga he , aye go swela ko ha bone, ke ipotsa ho re, ha a phetsolela mo di dollaree, a ka mo gorosa kae tota..o a mpelaetsa ha ke mo lebile ke bona lesheto hela, o isa madi kae

  71. danso a foreigner as he may be, hes telling the truth,what goes around comes around,its not gonna be all roses for Bots for ever, very soon Batswana would need international help and it wont be there, and Zimbabwe is going to be the 1st country youre gonna go to and its gonna hurt,i promise you

  72. Dr Wells o kubilwe ko Australia pele a ta mo Botswana. The guy is a fake. Batswana tsogang, makgowa le bone go nale ba maferefere. Kana rona re tsaya gore maferefere ke makwerekwere morafe o mosweu o ta go fetsa fa o robetse.

  73. Ba re molaa kgosi wa e itaela…. (and wat goes around ,comes around)You don’t mess with the Americans (or atleast makgowa, maybe Asians). Ask uncle Bob next door…or Sadam(May his soul rest in peace!), Taylor & others. This may be a miscalculation. American NGOs also have a lot of influence on issues of this nature(human rights)….and on their govnment. WARNING: FEAR INSPIRES CAUTION , NO MATTER HOW LITTLE.

  74. Gatwe o kobilwe ko Aussie. Se kgaleng Khama fela le sa researcher. Khama o dirile se ma Aussie a se duirileng go koba fake ya DR. So jite ke eng!!!!!!!!

  75. tota phoso e sa le e dirilwe ka go dira Ian Pres. seriti sa botswana se a detirioreita everi day. mme ga gona gore go ka tweng.may be 2014 re taa iteka ra bona gore re tswa jang. personally ga kena bothata le ejecting PIs frm r country but ke na le issue ka molao oo reng gago fiwe mabaka cos Ian seems to be personal at times and batswana will alwys be caught in the line of fire. A motho a ejectiwe mme a fiwe kans ya go itsheka. ian nna tota waa mbora. ka faa dirang dilo ka teng. im sori to say that. may be i had high expectactions on him. he is stooping so low by the day.

  76. @s.tshulu.u a tokin abt sumthin tht u totally dont hav enuf info on,if u wan knw the truth ask m coz tht man yo o mo akelan is my aunt`s husband and he has nev worked in australia or a kobiwa as u said.my advide to you:research and gather valid info b4 u spread rumours!

  77. @s.tshulu.u a tokin abt sumthin tht u totally dont hav enuf info on,if u wan knw the truth ask m coz tht man yo o mo akelan is my aunt`s husband and he has nev worked in australia or a kobiwa as u said.my advice to you:research and gather valid info b4 u spread rumours!