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Dj Boogie Sid Brings His Groove to the Ghetto


Man of the moment doing his thing

This is yet another edition of grooving in the Ghetto, it’s the end of February and Francistown was rocking as usual. On Friday DJ Boogie Sid was launching his second album in Lizard lounge, the place was crawling with people from all over Ghetto, we also  had DJs Cue And Cheng on the Deck.Scar And Mosako were also there to give the Francistowners a good performance. He released his first album in 2008 which was a shock to Batswana because they thought it was not a local DJ.With his latest album he had a small presentation last year at fashion lounge in Gaborone and the response wasn’t that bad he had a lot of support from the public, he is currently doing the tour of his latest album with the aim of letting Batswana know that he  is back. He is also intending to come to Galo centre here in Francistown for Autograph signing in April.
His Latest album “FEVER PITCH THE NEXT GENERATION” is a 25 track double disc album of exclusive Botswana Music. He wishes to express his heartfelt gratitude to orange Botswana,Yaronafm,All Kasi and imagine design for their association with his project and the album is available at major stores around the country.

Resurrection performing for the judges and the Audience

On a Saturday there were  Auditions at Civic Centre  for The Kast Music Kick start and the after party was held at Pleasure island (Thapama Hotel)
Kast Music Kick Start is an annual national music competition organized by Kastalion Entertainment Promotions in collaboration with Yarona fm. Tshepiso Kevin Shina Molapisi (Kast) is the man behind this show where the winners of the event took a step closer to grabbing the grand prize of P60 000 worth of recording time with Botswana’s top studios. The winner will also be signed under the Hail Earth Recording Label. Hail Earth is a new recording label which was originally a production team from Ramco,the recording Label is owned by Goof and Presley in partnership with Kast. Hail Earth is planning on signing Magosi,Mosako, Kast and Kgogonono and more upcoming local artist.
The Competition in Francistown Mostly involved rap Airtists,they are the ones who registered to take place, out of 17 contestants only 3 made it through,(Gwap goons, Resurrection and the 3 Saints).

Gwap Goons guys after their performance

Gwap Goons is a group of 6 guys who originate from Somerset Extension in Francistown  and are currently Running a T shirt label “Gwap Goons” they also have a mix tape coming up by the end of April called ‘Blue Jacket Street Volume 1.
Resurrection is a group of four guys from Monarch here in the Ghetto who have been in the game for quiet a while ,they worked with pistol years back but it didn’t work hence the name resurrection meaning they are back from the dead


  1. He is a traditional music artist from Kanye, dnt knw his real names but he is my homeboy