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Dj Bob G’s rise

Dj Bob G's rise
DJ Bob G

He got his moment of taste last year when he appeared on this column, his very first interview.

Today DJ Bob G is a resident DJ at Dzimanyota and has been getting bookings.

“I never knew a short interview could do so much for an artist. I can’t thank The Voice enough for what they have done for my brand and profession,” he said.

The young DJ who’s managed by Matebejana player Khaulani Mbuya, has his own merchandise designed by Malicks Creations.

“When people start recognising you and paying attention to your talent, you get motivated to do good in the society. I’m still awaiting a response from Prisons because I want to donate to Francistown prisoners, It’s the least I can do after The Voice helped me put food on the table,” he said. Catch the young DJ at Dzimanyota every Sunday.