Clive’s hands working their magic on Tai’s head

The little girl inside of me still gets excited at playing dress up. So when the President Hotel invited me to give their female clientele winter fashion tips at their revival of Diva nights a few weeks ago, I could not help but bring in three gorgeous creatures to spice up my presentation with their evident beauty.
The plus of working with beautiful models is that, it is so easy to walk into a large store and be able to immediately select what sort of style would work on them. In this particular instance I decided to showcase corporate wear, casual yet funky look and an edgy dinner package, without necessarily over layering oneself for the winter season.
The thrill is before the show, when hands are at work. Ezra, the edgiest make-up artist I know held it out with day make-up, evening and avant-garde; while Clive got his scissors clipping away as he cut each girls’ hair to compliment not only their outfits but the make-up too.

Even in winter, a female outfi t is not complete without accessories

The right make-up artist, right hairstylist, a clothing store with variety, the perfect models, a creative photographer and a positive feminine atmosphere, with lots of wine going around, the President Hotel proved that the young and up coming professionals enjoy each other’s company, with a touch of variety in the girls’ nights out. Simply put, I had a blast bringing the Diva back, with the ladies. Girls, girls, girls, girls, I do adore!
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Stylist: Mpho Laing
Models: Tai, Lebogang & Boitumelo
Pics: Petra Rolenic @ 8ties Baby
Wardrobe: Foschini
Make-up: Ezra Marquez @ Paraiso
Hair: Clive @ Hair Scene

Hey girl,

Ask the Fashionista

I have listened to you on radio, watched you on TV, been to some of your fashion events and follow your column religiously. Your passion for fashion is overwhelming.
As one who travels a lot, which I realise you do too, I would like a bit of advice on the secret of travelling light and less stress in packing and unpacking before my flights.

Hi Tee,
Flying can be a challenge for many of us- other than the weight of one’s luggage being limited, you also can’t take this or that and liquids have to be a certain size to be taken in hand luggage, while some fragile bottles could break when packed in the checked-in suitcase.
Since you are on the go a lot, to try and travel smarter always have ready a toiletries bag that’s partially packed with travel-sized cosmetics, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, and some of the other things you always use. If you are going overseas, make sure the toiletries are inserted in a clear plastic bag.
To fit a lot of things in a limited space, I have learnt to pack different small bags inside of a larger one. This has helped me carry everything in a more organized way.
If you know that you’ll be doing any shopping, travel as light as possible, so you are able to fit all the new stuff in the bags you carried, to avoid incurring airport charges.
Enjoy your travels, girl!

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