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BITTER RIVALS: Otukile and her sister-in-law, Mello


Two sisters lose family plot to brother’s wife

Two elderly Mahalapye sisters could not hide their shock after the Customary Court of Appeal kicked them out of their family home.

At the centre of the dispute which threatens to tear the family apart is a plot, which the two sisters signed off to their now late brother, Goven Nkosi after their parents had died.

The sisters now wanted to inherit the same plot following the death of their brother but to their shock and horror, the court passed it to their sister- in -law as the rightful heir of her husband’s estate.

Initially, Kgosi Tshipe had ordered that the plot be divided between the two sisters and their late brother’s familyfor the sake of peace but their sister-in-law, Joyce Mello was unhappy with the outcome.

Mello told Kgosi Serogola Seretse in her appeal of the judgement that the two sisters had given the plot to her late husband, Nkosi and that the letter to that effect was signed and stamped in front of a headman.

Bompoetse Otukile and her sister, Ellen also signed another letter acknowledging Mello as their sister-in-law.

“The truth is straight forward,” declared Kgosi Seretse who added; “Otukile and Ellen cannot be trusted; they gave away their right in front of a headman therefore it’s surprising that they should drag Mello to the Kgotla for this. This change of heart is not acceptable.”

After court the two sisters were in tears. Otukile struggled with words when discussing the final details to hand over the keys to Mello and her five children.

Asked how she felt about the outcome, with a quivering voice Otukile said “We were tricked by our brother because he said he was holding the plot as a trustee so we agreed to sign that letter. I don’t know why they can do this to us when their father left them two homes in Gaborone. I also wonder why this woman who wasn’t even married to my brother choose to claim the yard after he died.”

She further said the fight over the plot was not over.