(1)Angry: Isaac Kgosi, (2)Unwavering: Moeng Masilo, (3)Amazed: Margaret Nasha

The Directorate of Intelligence Services(DIS)boss,Isaac Kgosi has threatened to sue over outrageous allegations that he was involved in a plot to overthrow the ruling BDP.

Distancing himself from bizarre claims that he was a preferred candidate for the country’s prime ministerial position in the alleged impending regime change orchestrated by the disgruntled Chief Masilo of Molepolole, Kgosi said: “The law has  to take its cause against these people. Just wait and see what is going to happen.”

Despite Kgosi’ veiled threats of a lawsuit, the Masilos, whom many have dismissed as a joke have remained adamant that they have a good working relationship with Kgosi. They have even sent him on international missions for their organisation before, they have insisted.

Responding to the fact that none of all the people who were said to be part of the plot to establish a new government order had a clue about it,  the tribesmen spokesperson said, “We used all the proper channels to communicate with the people we have listed as part of our new kingdom that is about to come into power and they have agreed to be part of us.”

Speaking to The Voice in an interview, speaker of parliament Margaret Nasha who was allegedly appointed one of the many assistants to “His Honour Prime Minister Kgosi’ said she was not only  unaware of such a kingdom but was also wondering if the Masilos were normal people. “Do you think that someone who does all that is normal? I don’t want their positions,” she said.

Commenting on the Masilo fracas, the Bakwena chief, Kgari Sechele II  said “Please check their history because they have never accomplished any of the many ‘grand’ things they have said they were going to do before. If I were you or anybody else for that matter I wouldn’t even dignify their crazy claims with my attention. Are they even normal?
Meanwhile President Khama  has asked  Bakwena  to persuade the   Masilo family to stop writing letters  to his office  at a kgotla meeting in Molepolole recently.


  1. They are not normal(Masilos). They tried to claim the Bakwena Chieftainship and they fail and they think they can topple the govt. Ba a lwala

  2. Nnyaa, mma koo ba seka ba mo isa mental pele re tle re tshege 2 minutes. Ke ditseno tse di kgatlhang thata. Cabinet ya bone le yone e batho ba ntsi.

  3. khwkhwikhwikhwi……….ijooooo…..hahahahaaha! hei ga batlelang go nthoba dikgopo………. khwiikhwiikhwii…..hei….

  4. @Tsenyakoteng
    Agh!ke a e lebogela dear, ya ditsenwa!ga ke btle go ya sbrana.Le ene Masilo o lebega fla jaaka motho a tswa mo maibing,shame