Dirty text message saga
ALLEGED MASTERMIND: Lesego 'Mmadibogale' Sekitla

*Granny. 63, accused of sending obscene text messages

*Mochudi Chief, police and healer receive insults,death threats

In one of the week’s stranger than fiction news stories, Mochudi elders have opened a police case against an unknown perpetrator for repeatedly sending them offensive text messages.

Bizarrely, the main suspect is an allegedly illiterate, 63-year-old grandmother, Lesego ‘Mmadibogale’ Sikitla.

Kgosi Segale Linchwe and a 37-year-old traditional doctor, Lawrence Tshukudu Mosate, are two of the victims targeted by the threatening texts.

Talking exclusively to The Voice, Kgosi Linchwe revealed that he started receiving the texts soon after a case he presided over at the customary court, when he found a man guilty of stealing a goat.

“I was harshly insulted and have endured many sleepless nights.

“The text messages only stopped recently but I have never received any feedback from the police about my case,” grumbled the Kgosi.

Mosate meanwhile, revealed that he has been receiving ominous messages, including death threats, since the start of the year.

He claims to have also received phone calls, with a woman’s voice warning him that she has the police’s support and if he reports her, she will get nowhere.

Mosate’s recent text message insult read:‘Ke utlwile gore o ile police o dith*** o seka wa tlhola o ya teng re tsile go go lowa gore po@# ya gago e nne khibidu.’ (I have heard that you went to the police; don’t ever go there – we are going to bewitch you until your private parts turn red.)

The traditional doctor has no idea why he has been targeted. He said: “The sender told me that her name is Lesego ‘Mmadibogale’ Sikitla – she insults me day and night.”

Frail and seemingly harmless, Mmadibogale cuts an interesting figure.

Back in February this year, the old lady was one of two women (the other being Motebele Keibine) who were implicated in the abduction of a couple of herdsmen at Mogolegwa lands.

Dirty text message saga
IN DESPAIR: Kgosi Segale Linchwe

According to Mosate, the two men were found tied to a tree, semi-naked and in possession of the sim-card from which some of the offensive messages had been sent.

When questioned on her alleged connection to both incidents, a puzzled Mmadibogale replied, “I have been previously imprisoned for something I know nothing about. I have engaged a lawyer to assist me get over this.”

The grandmother, who claims to be unable to read and write, added that her name has been ruined due to her rumoured involvement in the ‘texting scandal’.

Although she had appeared calm and looked innocent during the interview, on Wednesday Mmadibogale phoned The Voice offices and reduced the receptionist to tears with her insults.

She had been tipped that The Voice was to publish the story, she said, and wanted the paper to desist from that.

A number of superstitious villagers blamed the abusive messages on witchcraft.

51-year-old Mmaselele Kaise is one such villager.

Kaise, who comes from Makgophana, told The Voice that she received a text message in which she was ordered to warn her husband to stop attending kgotla meetings, ‘or else his leg would be cut off’.

“Since the sms, my husband has suffered with a sore leg; the person who calls knows where I am,” she said nervously.

Mochudi Station Commander, Superintendent Olebile Sitale confirmed the incident, saying simply, “Investigations into the text cases are still on-going,” before adding that a number of his officers had also received threatening messages from an anonymous sender.

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