Dikgosi not happy with public roads

Bame Piet
NOT IMPRESSED: Dikgosi (inset)

The last session of Ntlo Ya Dikgosi for 2023 commenced today, addressing a total of 29 inquiries directed at various ministries.

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The prevalent theme among these questions was a palpable dissatisfaction with the state of public roads across the country.

Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete raised a query to the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Eric Molale, seeking an update on the progress regarding the repair of the Boatle bridge, which had sustained damage from earlier rains this year.
In response, the Minister acknowledged the poor condition of many of the nation’s roads and assured Dikgosi that the government is making concerted efforts to address these concerns.

He attributed some delays in road projects to the extensive contractual requirements that outline the detailed scope of work to be executed before awarding tenders.

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Of particular note was the discussion surrounding the construction of the Mogoditshane – Mmakgodi junction dual carriageway, which has been beset by a four-year delay.

The Minister offered assurance that construction is anticipated to commence before the conclusion of 2023.

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Additionally, the session saw a noteworthy proposal by Kgosi Lotlamoreng II of Barolong.

He advocated for an amendment to the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, suggesting that corporal punishment be administered on the back instead of the buttocks.

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The proceedings are set to continue through the week, with discussions and deliberations expected to address a variety of critical issues facing the nation.

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