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Did Mma V chicken out?

Did mma V chicken out?
Venson- Moitoi

It is now public knowledge that Pelonomi Venson Moitoi will not seek re-election in the coming BDP Bulela Ditswe elections.

A little birdy has told Shaya that MmaV has realized that she stands no chance against the revitalised Tebelelo Seretse.

She had initially announced that she would not contest but later sent mixed messages about her intentions.

Apparently after realizing that Seretse had made inroads in the constituency MmaV chickened out.

Those close to the two ladies say Seretse is ready to wipe the floor with MmaV.

Seretse who also holds a secretarial position in the Serowe branch has won back the hearts of the constituents.

After losing African Union’s top seat, MmaV apparently did not want anymore embarrassments and decided to quit whilst still ahead.