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Diamond symposium to promote urban tourism

Diamond symposium to promote urban tourism

The upcoming diamond symposium week will seek to promote urban tourism as part of the country’s on-going efforts to diversify the economy.

De Beers Group Vice president Corporate Affairs and Government Relations, Pat Dambe told the media last week that the event, which draws international attendance, is also aimed at creating a socio-economic impact.

The 2018 edition will run for a week, with different events scheduled to take place, focused mainly on community development.

According to Dambe, the objective is to make Botswana a country where the world comes to see and learn about business generation.

In addition, the diamond symposium week, which is now in it third year running, will act as an entrepreneurship catalyst, giving guidance and advice to young entrepreneurs.

More importantly, Dambe says the symposium seeks to promote urban tourism, away from mainstream tourism, which at the moment is vastly superior and more popular.

Just like in previous years, De Beers has partnered with the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security in staging the diamond symposium, which kicks off on the 9th of November.